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What is a Handshake (HNS) Top Level Domain (TLD)?

Like any domain name, there is something on “the right” of a domain name, the most common being .com. In Handshake, there are TLDs that “we, the people” can obtain and use.

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Find your next dream domain on Handshake with our selection of HNS TLDs:


As soon as possible. A perfect one for those doing ecommerce, local business, or any instance where time is of the essence.
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Masterminds have accounted for huge improvements in our business lives here at SkyInclude. So setup your own premium.
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Quality control. A great way to test your website as a staging server. Also for those working in B2B who need to do product testing. Queen’s Counsel is a lawyer in UK as well.
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A cute way to address a young lady. A way to reach the younger generation and connect.
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Nice for those with a local business who want to showcase evening events, evening news, and more.
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Work with us on porting your web2 site to the decentralized web. This is our original service and purpose of SkyInclude - and we have worked with clients big + and small to convert their server hosting and domains to work on the decentralized web.


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CHNS Overview – cosmos pegged HNS Handshake

Want more liquidity and access to Handshake HNS coin? We all do! Then the validator team at Another Software (ASVT token) have made a custodian on Cosmos version of HNS. ...

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Handshake HNS Faucet

Handshake HNS Faucet – Need Some Handshake? This is your place!

A common issue for people is obtaining some initial HNS (Handshake coin) to get started. Happy to say, a developer in the community stepped up and made one! And a ...

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[State of HNS Blockchain] Live Twitter Spaces Tuesday June 21, 4pm PST

For weeks the community has been asking for a live Twitter space, and the wait is over! Let’s open the floor and welcome anyone with a reasonable voice to share ...

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community love

Community Love!

Here are some snippets during our SkyInclude Registrar Journey we want to highlight More of how I saw the Handshake community. Welcomed: Sld sales - show the statistics Another interested ...

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Here are some words from the Handshake community during our SkyInclude Registrar Journey.
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ape.c/ 𝙃 @apedotc

Wish you both all the best and thanks for your efforts. You have some very interesting TLDs 😉 Publishing SLD sales is very important and fortunately NC will do that as well.

Sri Ranga @ranga_im

Congrats buddy. Please keep us posted on how it goes. I'm quite unable to decide yet, which path to take on for selling SLDs. Your venture might be a great motivation. Wish you all the best.

.lgit🤝 @dotlgit

Very exciting! All of the things you are working on will be great for the community. I very much look forward to seeing the results