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1 Month of Handshake Domain Auction Unlocking to Go

The HNS (Handshake) market has really been heating up in the 2021 new year.

The team at SkyInclude is watching it closely and wants to share some insights and strategy for those considering what to do with 1 month left of new domain auctions being released on the HNS blockchain.

1 month left for what exactly?

So we are writing this in mid Jan 2021 - and on about Valentine’s day (Feb 14), 2021 the last week of “newly released / unlocked” Handshake domains will be made available.

For the past year, since last Valentine’s day 2020 - each week a new set of names / domains / TLDs have been released and made available for auction.

The keyword is is “released” - it doesn’t mean they have all been auctioned off and sold - it simply means they are available for people to open up and bid on and win in the Vikrey auction process.

But of course, the truly “epic” and “hot ones” such as 2L (2 letter) domains are immediately bid on and auctioned off.

So hopefully this is clear, and now for the strategy we see for the next (and last) month of newly released Handshake domains on the market.

There will be a bit more “Frantic” FOMO to bid in these last auctions

We can see it already with the latest set of auctions - domain names that were getting less than 10 bids are now getting 20, 30 bids or more.

People are realizing, these names may never be available in the marketplace - the winners of these auctions are HODL-ers and will not take any price offered. We have personally watched auctions that are “epic” and once they are issued to the winner, they are not listed for sale and not even allowing people to make offers on them.

The idea being, these names will never be available for others - except maybe in the form of SLDs (second level domains) - which you can read up on

Marketplace Heating Up Too

We are all discussing and wondering what will the price of Handshake names be after Valentine’s day - and what will happen in the auctions if no new releases are made.

Will people stop checking auctions - as they feel no new and good stuff is available?

Or will they keep monitoring, and becoming even more fierce in the auction process - driving prices up even higher for Handshake names.

It is something we need to wait and see, but in January, we are noticing Handshake names being re-priced in the market at much higher valuations. We feel this is because “they see the end” with just 4 more weeks of new names being issued, there will be less to auction for and all the attention will go to the marketplace - to buying and selling of existing (already issued / won at auction) names.

The HNS Coin Seems to Be Heating Up

This may be due to Bitcoin and the crypto space in general, but finally there has been some upticking in the price of HNS at about 0.14 USD for a HNS.

The reasons we see are

* Overall money flowing into anything crypto
* Money flowing into HNS to get into the auctions as there is only 1 month to go

Other factors at play too, but we do wonder - once the 1 year release schedule is done, will people continue to buy HNS to do auctions? If all the “main names” are issued - would people then shift to SLD market and buying domains on the Handshake TLD domains?

The cost of maintaining a Handshake domain is next to 0, with small mining fees to update your DNS as well as a small renewal fee (about 0.01 USD fee) per TLD domain every 2 years.

So we can even see HNS price coming down after the 12 month schedule of unlocking and auctions done.

But on the reverse of that, new people coming into the market may do whatever it takes to buy Handshake TLD domains at much higher HNS valuations, therefore needing to buy HNS coin in order to pay the current owners.

We still see HNS at a crazy low price compared to the power and freedom and utility it offers society. To truly own a TLD domain.

What Are Your Thoughts?

We would love to hear what you think of the Handshake ecosystem.


Right now it is very exciting times, with just 1 month to go (4 weeks of new releases to the market) we feel a bit of FOMO will come.

But with anything - please do your own due diligence (research) and only invest what you are able to lose. This is still an early stage proof of concept, which all of us fully support and want to see win.

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