Opening Up Our Service To Help More People Host Handshake Sites

The team here at SkyInclude is excited about the long term benefits of hosting TLDs and servers on the blockchain – and talking to many – for now it seems it is still early stage and speculative.

As we have moved over our sites into handshake – we want to help more people do the same. Therefore are are slowly opening up a full service division in our parent company agency (Shadstone) to have our team work with you to make a handshake version of your website.

This is a porting service. And we may streamline it more – but at this point it is a bit “high touch”.

We need to understand what your current website is built on, and can work with you on finding the right JAMstack solution for your future handshake site.

What is JAMstack? Basically static – or not having a database driven site on the production of the website.

We have converted many of our WordPress sites over to static with our friend Leon’s plugin, WP2Static, and if you are using WordPress can do the same for you.

Ecommerce sites using Woocommerce or Shopify currently cannot keep that shopping cart functionality. There are JAMstack ecommerce solutions, such as Snipcart, but it is a bit more of a manual process of converting the products and checkout on this new system.

At this early stage of our new Handshake website porting service, we would prefer you tell us what you want – and you name your price – in USD, BTC, or HNS!

Fill out the request form below:

Talk to us now!

Once we receive your form our team will review and see if we can make a deal or not.

It is about community right now, and supporting one another – so we would love to help more of you get out of just the hoarding and squatting and actually bringing out real websites on Handshake.