How to Transfer Domains into Namebase From Bob Wallet

Transfer a Handshake Domain To Namebase From Bob Wallet

Are you looking to move a HNS Handshake domain from Bob Wallet into

Reasons to Transfer Into Namebase

Maybe you want to sell it on the Namebase marketplace, or the new buyer is on Namebase and wants to claim ownership there?

Whichever the reason - today we will go through the step by step process of moving a HNS Handshake domain from Bob Wallet and into a Namebase account.

Question from a viewer:

Please go over how to make a handshake tld without first buying one on Namebase. How do I get an original tld onto the Namebase registry?LuckyBrock

Step By Step Process of Transferring a Handshake Domain in Bob Wallet

Transfer and Finalize ? a good way to say it is like when you transfer you "validate" a form and the "finalize" is the confirmation popup but with a 2 day delay ^^ can help you set up a timelock payment on another chaindurendil

Now, with the help of Durendil/, we did a test transfer.

Step 1 - Generate a HNS address from your Namebase Dashboard

Just like receiving HNS currency into your Namebase account, you’ll generate and copy to your clipboard the same HNS address for the domain.

Again, Namebase states this is for single use, you cannot use the same address for multiple uses.

Step 2 - Go to your Bob wallet Domain Manager

If you are the seller / one transferring the domain, you would then go into your Bob Wallet and then go into the domain you are transferring.

Scroll down to the bottom to the TRANSFER section, and click show

Here is where you will input the Namebase HNS wallet address (from step 1)

Click transfer, and then enter your Bob wallet address

Next you will wait for it to be mined.

The DNS can no longer be modified as the transfer is happening.

Step 3 - Wait 288 Blocks to Finalize the transfer

Once the transfer has been initiated and the transfer has reached the Handshake Blockchain, it will then start the countdown of 288 blocks until you can then come back and “finalize” the transfer.

It seems you can cancel the transfer at this point - but both you and the buyer would then lose the Handshake domain.

After 288 Blocks - Send Free or For Payment?

Once it is ready to be finalized, you need to decide to do it free or for HNS.

If sending to Namebase, we assume it must be free. So you would either get paid separately or send to your own Namebase account.

This is screen 1 of transfer with payment.

Then you will get a hex code, but we don't recommend doing this to send into Namebase.

This is to send the domain "free" (or without payment connected to the blockchain, can settle outside)

In 20 - 30 blocks it should show up in Namebase domain manager

It won't show in the transaction list. You need to look at your domain manager to see it listed.

Process Complete - Bob wallet to Namebase done.

Have a better way? please let us know!