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Today’s Environment – for Builders

What We're Doing In Today's Environment More of a general checkin blog today than anything. But I know people think the sky is falling in the crypto world. Yes, we ...

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Setting Up Your Own Exchange via Yellow – The Rise of Retail Brokers

Skyinclude has started as a Handshake blog and video channel to help “get you included in the sky” of web3 and dweb. Over the years we have worked with so ...

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How to earn up to 634% per year through Sifchain with Another.Software validator

Want to highlight an innovative new validator system from Who is behind the project founded by some amazing people who spoke at HandyCon2022: Rowan Staking currently 202% APR ...

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ICANN Made a report about Alternate DNS (and talks a LOT about Handshake)

Well - here we are - 2 years into Handshake and while there have been hints of ICANN addressing / acknowledging Handshake, on April 27, 2022 they tweeted out a ...

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Beacon Browser – Modern Day dWeb Web Browser (+ Reviving Mercenary)

The team at Impervious, headed by Buffrrr, has done it again. And this - in my opinion- is a true breakthrough. Beacon Web Browser Built on Chromium (so it works ...

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How I Am Creating Handshake Websites in Q1 2022

Let us Discuss Making a Handshake Website (in April 2022) One of the top questions we see in the Handshake community is: How do I build a website on Handshake? ...

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Making a Registrar with Handshake

Sajan’s registry - [00:05:31] Handshake registry essentially has four basic components now a lot of techies in the community may not agree with the way. I think because unless, ...

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51% Attack Risk in Handshake

51% Attack Risk in Handshake (HNS blockchain) [Let’s Discuss]

A top hole skeptics put towards the Handshake protocol is that it is a newer and smaller POW (proof of work) blockchain and can be “easily” taken over with a ...

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Drew Rosener’s Future of Domains Insights for Web3

Great to have you back to HandyCon, Drew! Your session last year was a top one. You are the CEO of Media Options, an award winning domain broker having arranged ...

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Learning how to make SSL on HSHub for Handshake domains

Want to have an SSL on your Handshake site? Like we did for handshake.conference? Then let’s dive in today! Many of you enjoyed the video we did with Matt Zipkin ...

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Second Annual Handshake.Conference : HandyCon Online March 16-18, 2022

Welcome to the new internet, and what better way to do the welcoming than to join our second annual, 3-day online conference on all things Handshake! The theme this year ...

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HSHub Name Server For Your Handshake TLD

Looking for an easy way to setup name server records on your Handshake TLD? One that doesn’t need you to stay on Namebase or other registrars so you can transfer ...

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HNS Chat – New tool to chat using your Handshake Name Thanks to @michelini I found a bug in verifying the TXT record if on the blockchain instead of a nameserver. If anyone else has their verification code on chain ...

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NFTs on Handshake? Tarot Card Collection

Many people in the crypto space are gaga over NFTs and there is debate whether Handshake TLDs are NFTs or not (I vote it is) - but today Matt Zipkin ...

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Renewing Your Handshake TLD

Renewing Your Handshake TLD – Discussion and Strategy

Ok - so can you believe it is 2 years since Handshake HNS main net launch? And that means - TLD names that were auctioned off and redeemed at that ...

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Hosting a Twitter Space: Handshake.mastermind!

Missing the Clubhouse mania from one year ago, and wanting to connect with more people in the Handshake and decentralized internet space - as well as to help spread the ...

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HandyCon is BACK

You may have gotten word - but here it is in this blog post ~~> HandyCon is BACK - save the date - March 16, 17, 18, 2022, online as ...

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Updates to Flamingo Handshake Auction for 2022

We are adjusting for the new year - and to add on top of the auctions - we will add handshake.mastermind sessions afterward. We feel it is a good chance ...

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Year End Recap Here At SkyInclude

Years are passing and the Handshake ecosystem is getting older! We’ve been a little bit more quiet here on the SkyInclude youtube channel, and I just want to give a ...

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Join the Handshake House in Miami!

As 2021 comes to an end - we all reflect on the awesome things we can do in the new year. Here is a great one for you - the ...

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Mona: Accept HNS (Handshake) Payments with WordPress WooCommerce Plugin

Looking for a way to accept Handshake on your web shop? We at SkyInclude (via our parent company Shadstone) partnered up with a developer in the community, Xing Yue, to ...

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All Things HNS – AllHNS Mindmap Overview

Now, one of the first Handshake sites and resources I found here at SkyInclude was Oscar’s allhns/ - a useful and visually appealing mind map site that lists all things ...

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Using Blokada to Access Handshake Names

We are always looking for ways to share tools and resources that help us access HNS Domain names, today we invite Oscar from allhns/ on the show to share about ...

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DANE Security in Handshake

All right. So this is video two, I'd say on the sky blue channel with Matt, we have Matt Zipkin, he's really awesome guy behind the scenes. A lot of ...

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NamesCon + Handshake – Dedicated Track this September

More great news, for months - hey - even in multiple previous Namescon conferences, the Handshake community has been anticipating more Handshake representation at the event. Well - we are ...

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Ledger with Handshake

If your first time to use ledger - Matt Zipkins video

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Namecheap Incorporating Handshake in its Business!

Super excited to report - Namecheap is active on Handshake. A few months or so ago (April 2021) they made waves when they purchased .p/ on the Namebase market for ...

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Gifting SLDs (“normal domains”) to others in Namebase

Here we have the ability to gift a SLD (the left of the “dot”), basically a “normal” domain. Before this, you were only able to gift an entire TLD. Digging ...

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Fingertip – an Easy Way To Use SSL (DANE) on Handshake

When I think of https and SSL and DANE - I think of Matt Zipkin - and I am sure he will be happy with this new product release at ...

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Governance: HIP in Handshake

What does governance mean? Protocol rules, community representation, the role of full nodes, and "core devs". Who is involved, how do people get involved, etc. How this is all done ...

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Using Your Handshake TLD on Argo (Arweave)

Reference: ArGo on twitter: It did auto connect for me after the first error. Then get Argo Faucet

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Handshake Improvement Proposal 2 – TLD Names as Wallet Addresses

We are getting amazing support from the community - thank you all! These additional donations are coming: Here are some people who would also like to have the integration made ...

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Bob Wallet – Signatures

You can verify this message was signed by whoever owns `pinheadmz` on Handshake: "It is July 16 2021. I am @matthewzipkin on twitter and I own the HNS name pinheadmz" ...

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Handshake Alexa100k – Onboarding the Top 100,000 Alexa Sites

Exciting time to be alive - and a transition of the internet. Here at SkyInclude - we are always looking for tools and services that are helping grow adoption of Handshake and we recently uncovered a gem ...

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Akash Networks (And How Handshake Works Together)

Running WordPress on Akash, with a Handshake Domain. So many want to use WordPress with their handshake name - and I’ve seen tweets and articles that Akash supports this - can you give a brief idea on how it works?

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Differences of .btc Bitcoin / Stacks domains (BNS) and Handshake HNS TLDs

Another Blockchain Naming System - .btc by the Stacks foundation came out in early June 2021. I register skyinclude.btc and show you how I do it in today’s video. That ...

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Hardware Is The Answer – Routers For the dWeb

Rollercoaster ride but what I have come to realize is - when you signed up as a director of Handshake - did you really think adoption was going to be easy? If you’re an early adopter (like me) and you just can’t seem to understand why others “don’t just get it” - most of the time it is because it is too difficult to use.

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A Better Way to Gift HNS TLDs – HNS Name Claim

We had the Handshake monthly director call and the recording will be out soon – but in the meantime – a top announcement was from Mark Smith at Namesake Domains ...

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The latest on the Brave Browser and Handshake HNS integration.

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First Handshake Incubator – dWeb Foundation’s ProjectdWeb

Backed by dWeb Foundation, the incubator code name is “#projectdWeb” and main purpose is to foster more “TLC” (tender love and care) for the budding entrepreneurs in the decentralized web ...

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A lot of developments here in Handshake and working on keeping the channel updating all of you! One that we have to cover is - the Block Explorer website that ...

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FistFullofAss on Telegram said: Only people worth marketing to right now is devs, most don't even know they're eligible for the hns airdrop. The more devs that know about handshake ...

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Workshop To Learn Handshake

The SkyInclude Handshake Course Will Go Over: So let’s make sure we all understand what amazing power we have before diving into the tech. We will go over the different ...

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Censorship & Code of Conduct in Handshake (& Blockchain In General)

For many, myself included, we are in a new frontier. A new wild wild west - truly - with “cowboys” entering a saloon with their revolvers on their hips showing ...

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Bob Wallet Browser Extension

The extension injects a Bob3 object to each page, where apps can interact with the wallet via a confirmation pop up similar to metamask. Matt Zipkin: Api based wallets are ...

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Handshake Mascot

Was talking to Kiba about “handshake needs a mascot” and then he says - the Handshake founders made this SWEET! Let’s roll with it! Mina, Allison in the physical ...

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XNHNS: Cross Network HNS (Using Handshake TLDs across blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon, Cosmos)

We can port names to XNHNS - on Matic! - how would that work - what would that do - then can start to create a ton of names - ...

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Introduction to the dWeb Foundation

An important and exciting development in the Handshake ecosystem is the establishment of the dWeb Foundation. Initiated by Jehan Chu, Chjango, and Tieshun Roquerre – it sets out to be ...

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Starting with Metamask to Get Into NFT & Token Swaps

Looking to get into NFTs? The yo’ll mostly likely be on Ethereum and using a wallet to hold these NFTS – with MetaMask being the most popular. Let’s discuss how ...

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Polka Naming System (PNS)

$NAME token for domain registration and renewal Yearly fee (to avoid squatting) and seems it is more about a normal domain rather than the root zone. Not much on the ...

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ViaWallet – Handshake’s (HNS) First Mobile Wallet Option

HNS is now available in viawallet so viawallet is made by viabtc which is a mining pool that mines HNS (~5 %) this app also has some DEX stuff ...

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dWeb (Decentralized Web) Introduction , Overview, 101

Oh, the dweb (decentralized web) – coined by Steve McKie – I first heard about in a Clubhouse call, and many others have been resonating around it instead of using ...

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Monetizing Your Handshake TLD: Staking with Namebase Registry

The day has come! The Namebase registry program has opened to everyone! We did a video and guide about about SLD (second level domains) on Handshake and went through the ...

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Butterfly Protocol Bfly

DAO for a web 3.0 DNS Can use to register names Making own social network, with .human

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Competitors to Handshake HNS, Who Are They? (ENS, Unstoppable, PNS, YAT, BFLY, BitDNS)

First, sure, people can still register a .com – just like we have and it works. But it is not on blockchain technology and cannot be used an NFT. ...

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Receiving + Passing The Handshake Torch

On January 19, 2019, pseudonymous Twitter user hodlonaut began a game-like promotional test of the Lightning Network by sending 100,000 satoshis (0.001 bitcoin) to a trusted recipient where each recipient added 10,000 satoshis ($0.34 at the time) to send to the next trusted recipient.

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Handshake is the Soft Fork of the Internet

Timestamp in short video for “soft fork” quote – at 4:20 minute mark

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ENS vs HNS, Differences Ethereum Name Service & Handshake Domains?

We are all students in today’s newly developing blockchain internet , web 3, aka dWeb. How will domain names work in this future internet. ENS Domains is an early solution ...

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Donating to the HNS Fund (HNS Fund)

What has always amazed (and attracted) me to the Handshake project was the community. And one part of that is the HNS Fund, headed up by Kiba Gateaux. I first ...

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Announcing: 1st Emoji Live Auction for Handshake – Flamingo Handshake

Flamingo Handshake has some upgrades to announce. The team and community have been going through it and collected feedback - and today’ upgrade announcement will work towards resolving those: Making ...

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YAT vs HNS: Difference of Handshake Emoji Domains & Yat Emoji Subdomains

You can check the full list of Telegram groups by following the link below: hi Dougal, sure no prob to ask questions! Handshake is a protocol for Top Level ...

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Making NFT Domains (Minting & Comparison)

A few ways to do this: While SkyInclude focuses on Handshake (HNS), we want to make a comprehensive post to go through various options for minting blockchain domains and how ...

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What Is An NFT? (Internet Marketer’s Definition)

We have done a few videos now on .badass Handshake TLD on Ethereum, a breakthrough pioneer event project. You can check those out at I was going to make ...

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Registering & Using a .badass Handshake Name on Ethereum ENS domains

Registering a Badass Domain So Impervious recently came out with a badass way to bridge handshake and ethereal, and named it something badass as well - .badass Handshake TLD is ...

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Using Fleek IPFS Hosting For Your Handshake HNS Domain Name

Just got a tip from Steven McKie that Fleek is now supporting HNS Handshake names! Head on over to And signup FREE Great news! Alex has already made ...

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ShakeDex Tutorial – Decentralized Exchange for Handshake TLD Names using Bob Wallet

After an amazing Handycon ( we saw a nice presentation from - the first decentralized exchange for Handshake names SkyInclude is also excited as ShakeDex made their announcement first ...

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Services to Market & Promote your Handshake TLD

Here at SkyInclude we are super excited that Namebase’s Gateway is opening up registration for SLD (domain name) sales to any and all Handshake TLDs. This will give all a ...

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Changing your Handshake DLink to another Sia Skynet URL

Dlinks has been an extremely fast and easy way to make quick 1 page link tree like sites. We learned during about a “hack” where you can change the ...

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(Quick Hack) Easy Way To Navigate Emoji Domains with Emoji Keyboard

The Handshake world LOVES emoji domains! Many of the top aftermarket sales are emoji domains. Today, a quick “hack” on how to access emoji domains using an emoji keyboard (thanks ...

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The team here at SkyInclude (a subsidiary of Shadstone Limited) is an amazing team of internet marketers and content creators. We actually do SEO as a service in the traditional ...

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How To Use HDNS Handshake Resolver (Browse Handshake sites on a whole network!)

For months I have been using Next DNS with Google Chrome setting and it is working fine. But I am moving one step closer to a full Handshake internet experience ...

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About Handy Con, the First Ever Handshake Conference

We are super excited for the first ever Handshake conference - Handy Con - happening in just a few days. We are using Airmeet for the conference, and it is ...

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An Easy Way To Show Your HNS TLD Portfolio [Encrypted Demo]

Message Discord user encrypted/ in the Namer community by Namebase to get an invite. NOW on Github

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Finding Good Buying Opportunities on the Namebase Handshake Marketplace

The Emoji name market on Handshake is really picking up. You can watch and read our Emoji guide at for thee basics of it And still there are great ...

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Negotiate (Bargaining) On a Handshake Name at the Namebase Marketplace

Are you looking for a Handshake TLD and it is already through with auction? He hadn’t been involved in the Handshake auctions and has a specific name for his tech ...

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Daily Things to Check on The Handshake HNS Ecosystem

Check out this video. What are some of the daily things Handshake enthusiasts check on a daily basis?

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1 year Recap of Handshake HNS Blockchain

We are past the 1 year mark of the Handshake blockchain “genesis” block (first block on the blockchain) and wow, a lot has happened. Also - we noticed HNS Fans ...

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Contribute to the Handshake Wiki at

Contribute to the Handshake Wiki at Many developers and others in the Handshake community are looking for a place to share documentation and tutorials. Github is great, but a ...

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Meeting of the Minds (Clubhouse calls, Air Meetings, & More) Clubhouse truly is taking over, the FOMO is real! Mark Smith, from and many others went out and bought ...

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Imagine: Free Domains & Hosting For Life for Communities

(Venture Seed Example) Without the admin costs such as ICANN fees of $185,000 USD application fee, and a $20,000 USD (approximately) yearly fee - a Handshake TLD can do exactly ...

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How To Point Your Hosting to a Handshake TLD Root Name

But both are 1 page options. both of these we discuss on This is how we got the to work. First, follow the same steps we did in ...

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Steps (+ Options) For Building Your Website on Handshake HNS

First, before we get into the technical parts - if you don’t want to bother with this tutorial and want to use a service - that is exactly what SkyInclude ...

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Setup Handshake Domain Names Using Cloudways (Fast + Easy + Affordable)

After a lot of trial and error with other systems – Cloudways has been our best friend. Using them for a couple years now actually – wish we had ...

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Using MemPooler to Schedule Bids

I created collections, one for the bidding, and another for the lockup (we will discuss that part 2) In the collection, I create a new “request” - this is the ...

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Bidding Strategies for Handshake Auctions

Mark Smith at mentioned this on our Handshake Mastermind Clubhouse calls - he likes to put down early and forget about it. He opens an auction with the full ...

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Join Our New Handshake Mercenary Forum, Buy/Sell/Trade/Barter Handshake Domain Names

Join Our New Handshake Mercenary Forum, Buy/Sell/Trade/Barter Handshake Domain Names So the team at SkyInclude has been monitoring what tools to help the community more  and talking to a lot ...

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Strategy Discussion (1 Month of Handshake Domain Auction Unlocking to Go)

1 Month of Handshake Domain Auction Unlocking to Go So we are writing this in mid Jan 2021 - and on about Valentine’s day (Feb 14), 2021 the last week ...

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Mining: Raspberry Pi & Handshake (HNS)

We put this little thing in our living room, using our TV as the monitor with a micro USB to HDMI plug to connect it. We had an old keyboard ...

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Handshake Communities (Telegram Groups, Discord, and more)

(Telegram Groups, Discord, and more) Namebase has done an amazing job building up the Handshake community and ecosystem - and they have one of the most active communities for the ...

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Where and How to Buy HNS Coins

As Handshake ($HNS) continues its climb - in both awareness, adoption, and value - more and more people are asking these groups in telegram groups, discord, Reddit - etc ❝ ...

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How to Open Handshake Sites (Access)

We have been using for our navigation, and made a quick video here We also made a guide and video for Handy Browser as well, so check that one ...

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What is the Blockchain? What is the Handshake Blockchain? (For Domains)

Public? Well, certain parts of it can be private, but the exchange of “data” from one party to another is recorded on the blockchain. This is so that later, if ...

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New to Handshake? Start Here: Handshake 101 Guide

Here’s a crash course on Handshake, we hope this free training in text and video form helps you understand the value of Handshake and the decentralized internet. In addition to ...

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As the first year auction process of Handshake comes close to wrapping up, we need to divert our energy from bidding and auctions and more into getting more adoption. If ...

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First, the auction process is not the typical one where the highest bidder wins and pays that price. It is a Vickrey auction process - where the winning bidder pays ...

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Buying and Selling SLDs on Handshake

Handshake blockchain is a TLD blockchain - meaning it exists only for registering and tracking the updates of TLD (top level domains) - SLDs are a new frontier in Handshake. ...

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Overview of Namebase for Bidding, Buying, and Selling Handshake Domains

Have an account, be verified, and eventually funding your account You can do it 1 by 1 (manually), or if you have a list of domains, you can do a ...

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How to understand and verify Emoji Domains

First - it is called “Puny Code” and the site many of us use is where you can convert an emoji to “puny code” (which is readable text and ...

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Using HandyBrowser to Access the Decentralized Web

Made by the team that brought you Handy Miner (if you didn’t check out our mining video with a demo of this - check out skyinclude dot com slash mining), ...

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Sinpa Boost How It Works & Why To Use It

Login at:, then pay for boost to unlock: Email (coming soon) and delegate access (our wishlist). We want to make subdomains for owners/ TLD – as this project we ...

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Services Offered At Sky Include

Regular live auctions for handshake TLDs. Workshop To Learn HandshakeThe SkyInclude Handshake Course Will Go Over: So let’s make sure we all understand what amazing power we have before diving ...

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Handshake (HNS) Mining, HNS1 ASIC Miner on a Mac with HandyMiner (overview)

Now, just before we come to a close in 2020, we have a miner and have this digging for HNS (Handshake). Well for the first one, why now? It goes ...

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Transfer Handshake Domain from 1 Bob Wallet to Another Bob Wallet

This is called an Atomic Swap. On the left side is Alice, the seller (giving the domain for HNS). On the right side is Bob, the buyer (giving HNS for ...

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How To Transfer Handshake Domain to Namebase From Bob Wallet

Maybe you want to sell it on the Namebase marketplace, or the new buyer is on Namebase and wants to claim ownership there? Whichever the reason - today we will ...

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How to Use Sinpapeles Parking, DNS, Page Builder (Sinpa)

The main one is a Handshake parking directory. Owners of Handshake sites can list their domains on his parking directory for a fixed price or a negotaible price. You would ...

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Namebase HNS Transfer

You (or the person you are sending it to) will copy the HNS address from their dashboard on Namebase (or whichever HNS wallet you are using).  This address is for ...

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How to Transfer Handshake Domains in/out of Namebase

For those not aware, is the dominant marketplace and registrar of Handshake domains. Basically, seems the majority are using them to do their bidding in auctions, as well as ...

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Marketplaces to Find Handshake Domains (+ Hidden Tool)

The company Namebase is almost synonymous with Handshake itself. They pioneered an easy to use platform to bid on domains, and also buy/ sell them on their marketplace. They take ...

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What is the Difference Between Unstoppable Domains and Handshake Domains?

** Correction, 12/25: while we can’t edit this video - we want to note in the description, commenters have pointed out - the fee for the .crypto is a one ...

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Hosting Your Handshake Domain on Skynet

How to get your website onto the decentralized web, and how to map your Handshake domain to it. If you didn’t see part 1 - please check it out on ...

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Using a Page Builder in Handshake

We will go over how to make a simple one page webpage. This can be really done in anything, all the way back to Microsoft FrontPage software we used in ...

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How to Use Bob Wallet For Handshake Domains

There is no “website” for Bob wallet - but you can go to and then when you download it goes to their GitHub repo From there - choose the ...

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Transferring HNS Between Users In Namebase

Namebase HNS TransferYou (or the person you are sending it to) will copy the HNS address from their dashboard on Namebase (or whichever HNS wallet you are using).  This address ...

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Receiving a Handshake Domain as a Gift (setting it up)

You may be weary of someone randomly offering you something for free. But this is what the Handshake community was built for - to help spread the decentralized web and ...

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Finding Handshake Domain Opportunities with Niami

Set TXT values to: Looking to get some good Handshake names and don’t want to battle in the auctions? Nice updates from Niami - worth a new video Watch this ...

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Get Help Hosting A Handshake Site

Don’t want to bother with the technical parts of setting up on various systems and services? We can help host your website on our Amazon AWS S3 for you and ...

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Partner with SkyInclude

Commission given upon conversion. We can discuss the arrangement and your involvement and include you in the quotation process. We can quote you on our price for the service and ...

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Setting Up Your Nomad Social Media Account

We’re excited that in mid-December 2020 we saw the first Handshake community (that we know of) where you can login with your Handshake TLD domain. It was created by the ...

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Handshake Guide For Internet Marketers

To explain it, in a more “normal, web designer, internet marketing” terms – HNS is “DNS on the blockchain” – the settings for a domain on Handshake (DNS) is decentralized ...

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Updates on Handshake Projects We’re Involved In

A December 2020 progress update on what the team at SkyInclude is building and working on, for our own projects as well as those we are helping along with. One ...

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Porting Handshake Site with Amazon AWS s3 and WP2Static

Don’t just squat TLD names – build! Mike made a quick video on how to build a Handshake site using,, and Amazon with as the ...

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Using WordPress on a Handshake Domain

This requires a specific Wordpress hosting company that recognizes the new Handshake protocol. Signup for the Kinsta Wordpress hosting today. Wordpress dominates the “normal” web, and we are certain many ...

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Opening Up Our Service To Help More People Host Handshake Sites

The team here at SkyInclude is excited about the long term benefits of hosting TLDs and servers on the blockchain – and talking to many – for now it seems ...

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Hosting a Handshake Site on Vercel

Connecting Your Handshake Site to Vercel Here’s the process we go through to setup a website on vercel hosting You can create a free account, no credit card required. Connect ...

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Transferring a Site in Handshake

Transferring a Handshake domain is important. It is the true ownership of one to another account / wallet. There are more and more ways developing on how to do this ...

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Setup a Handshake Site

Do you want to actually have your site hosted and setup in the decentralized web? Let’s talk! There is a new revolution against ICANN and DNS (domain name system) to ...

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Transfer Github Pages

We use Github pages. To transfer- get your github username (or signup free) and send it to us, with the receipt of your purchase of the site to Transferring ...

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