Register & Secure Your Handshake Domain Name!

What is a Handshake (HNS) Top Level Domain (TLD)?

Like any domain name, there is something on “the right” of a domain name, the most common being .com. In Handshake, there are TLDs that “we, the people” can obtain and use.

SkyInclude Registrar currently is offering:


As soon as possible. A perfect one for those doing ecommerce, local business, or any instance where time is of the essence.


Masterminds have accounted for huge improvements in our business lives here at SkyInclude. So setup your own premium.


Quantitative and qualitative control - great for Fintech startups. Also for those working in B2B who need to do product testing. Queen’s Counsel is a lawyer in UK as well.


A cute way to address a young lady. A way to reach the younger generation and connect.


Nice for those with a local business who want to showcase evening events, evening news, and more.