Setup a Handshake Site

Do you want to actually have your site hosted and setup in the decentralized web? Let’s talk!

Learn how to make websites in the new decentralized web

Here's a tutorial we made on using Wordpress, WP2Static, and Amazon AWS s3, enjoy!

The New Revolution

There is a new revolution against ICANN and DNS (domain name system) to distribute a centralized database controlled by a few. It is called HNS (Handshake name system) and we want to help you make your website in the HNS.

If you already have a HNS TLD - and need help making a website in HNS - we can help.
If you don’t have a HNS TLD - we can also help - check our list of available TLDs.

Be Part of the New Internet

How Does SkyInclude’s HNS website service work?

Pretty straight forward - if you already have an “old” website (say on a .com and using DNS) and want help posting it to HNS and your TLD - share with us the domain and tell us which page(s) you’d like to have built in the HNS system.

Our basic service simply helps you get hosted and setup. It will have a basic theme with the text and images you have.

If you’d like more than that, we can discuss with you on a custom proposal basis.

The goal is to help more people

Get Their Sites on HNS


We are making an initial simple service to help port your core pages onto the HNS decentralized web. This is also to get more traction and people actually USING the decentralized web instead of simply speculating on it buying and selling TLDs.

Your support and feedback is appreciated.

Best to reach out to with your current site and if you have a TLD or not in DNS. If you have a GitHub, let us know.

Contact Us

What We Need To Get Started

To help you do this, we will need view access to:

Your content or your website URLs to port

Your TLD in HNS (You can setup the settings, we do not need access)

To make the site, we will need your GitHub account. Or we can use ours if you do not want to signup.