Registering Domain Names on Handshake

Here at SkyInclude we are super excited that Namebase’s Gateway is opening up registration for SLD (domain name) sales to any and all Handshake TLDs.

This will give all a chance to have their passive income “dream” of having yearly registrations of domain names coming in on a regular basis.

SkyInclude would love to partner with TLD owners in Handshake to help promote their TLDs, create branding packages, and overall build awareness in those brands (we consider a TLD a brand - and you should too).

Services We Can Help With:
* Creating a logo and branding package for submitting to the registrars
* Creating a marketing plan and strategy for your TLD(s)
* Implementing and executing on that marketing plan (website, SEO, and social media service)
* Getting strategic alliances and influencers in your brand’s niche to support
* Sales and business development outreach

As Mark Smith said on his Namer News post

Marketing kits are not required, but it sounds like they will be accepted. These consist of a logo for the domain, banner image, & a description for the name. I would strongly suggest creating a brand, your own terms of service, & setting up a site to market your domains from.
Mark Smith

This is all early stage, the program, your TLD sales, and the market overall. We are super excited to be part of it, and for you to consider partnering with us on it.

We reserve the right to choose the TLDs and companies we work with, and are not planning to be involved in the more “risque” categories.

Why Partner With SkyInclude on your TLD promotion?

We’ve been in Handshake since the first year, and have been in internet marketing and SEO since 2004.

Our parent company, Shadstone Limited, is serving clients in SEO and content marketing actively, and sees the opportunity of doing this in the Handshake ecosystem.

With our team, our marketing assets (in both HNS and DNS), and our passion, we are certain we are a top choice in a service provider who can help you in building your TLD brand to get the awareness and registrations it deserves.

So what are you waiting for - fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch

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