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Want to see what we have in the R&D here at SkyInclude? Check out our long list of projects, some further along than others - all in the effort to help spread the good love of the decentralized internet.

Core Service: Porting Your Site

Work with us on porting your web2 site to the decentralized web. This is our original service and purpose of SkyInclude - and we have worked with clients big + and small to convert their server hosting and domains to work on the decentralized web.
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SkyInclude Services


Flamingo Handshake Live Auctions

Regular live auctions for handshake TLDs.


HandyCon Handshake.conference

We were an organizer of the first ever Handshake conference. The March 2021 archives are on handycon.promote/ - and the 2022 is on handshake.conference/

Mona/ HNS Payments

Mona currently is a Wordpress plugin for Woo commerce shopping carts that allows you to add HNS as a payment option on your website.

Handshake Mercenary Bulletin Board

An experiment to have a website only on Handshake domains and not DNS - we made this forum in early 2021 at handshake.mercenary (must be resolving Handshake to login and post)


Round table discussions about Handshake and the decentralized internet at large. Signup for email alerts on the next session at handshake.mastermind/

Handshake Wiki

We kicked off a handshake wiki but couldn't get the login with Handshake to work - we are open to partnerships or an outright sale.

Indigitus Miner

A hardware mining router that runs on Sentinel protocol and also resolves handshake

Setup to allow HNS TLD owners more ways to market and share their names and ways people can engage with them.

More Resources


Workshop To Learn Handshake

The SkyInclude Handshake Course Will Go Over: So let’s make sure we all understand what amazing power we have before diving into the tech. We will go over the different ...

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Services to Market & Promote your Handshake TLD

Here at SkyInclude we are super excited that Namebase’s Gateway is opening up registration for SLD (domain name) sales to any and all Handshake TLDs. This will give all a ...

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Sending us HNS? Here’s How

If you’d like to send us HNS or a domain, this is our wallet address Wallet address: hs1q72ngj6lggqpfke8sgz9qy6sc3myyfvxnrzdkhv

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Get Help Hosting A Handshake Site

Don’t want to bother with the technical parts of setting up on various systems and services? We can help host your website on our Amazon AWS S3 for you and ...

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Doesn’t have a price, and hoping to get one? Has a price, hoping to bargain a bit? Or simply not familiar or interested in learning how the whole thing works ...

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Partner with SkyInclude

Commission given upon conversion. We can discuss the arrangement and your involvement and include you in the quotation process. We can quote you on our price for the service and ...

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Opening Up Our Service To Help More People Host Handshake Sites

The team here at SkyInclude is excited about the long term benefits of hosting TLDs and servers on the blockchain – and talking to many – for now it seems ...

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Our Parent Company: Shadstone Services

SkyInclude is a subsidiary of Shadstone. We help companies grow their internet marketing and content across the web. If you’d like a full service, experienced agency to help you with your internet marketing – let SkyInclude know.

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