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Thank you so much for heading over to SkyInclude where it is our goal to help you “get included” in the new dWeb - or decentralized web, aka web 3.0.

The New Revolution

We have put together an extensive amount of guides in video and text form about Handshake (HNS) domains as well as about hosting and DNS configuration. Even diving into mining and internet marketing with Handshake!

The more open and free the internet is, the better - and we believe more usage and engagement in the Handshake community builds a better future for ourselves and the future of society.

We are also building out tools and services to help make things just a little bit easier for you to do that. Plus uncover other amazing tools and services in this exciting new internet.

Join us in the next video guides, and let’s learn Handshake domains and the dWeb together!

SkyInclude Services


Workshop To Learn Handshake

The SkyInclude Handshake Course Will Go Over: So let’s make sure we all understand what amazing power we have before diving into the tech. We will go over the different ...

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Services to Market & Promote your Handshake TLD

Here at SkyInclude we are super excited that Namebase’s Gateway is opening up registration for SLD (domain name) sales to any and all Handshake TLDs. This will give all a ...

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Sending us HNS? Here’s How

If you’d like to send us HNS or a domain, this is our wallet address Wallet address: hs1q72ngj6lggqpfke8sgz9qy6sc3myyfvxnrzdkhv

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Get Help Hosting A Handshake Site

Don’t want to bother with the technical parts of setting up on various systems and services? We can help host your website on our Amazon AWS S3 for you and ...

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Doesn’t have a price, and hoping to get one? Has a price, hoping to bargain a bit? Or simply not familiar or interested in learning how the whole thing works ...

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Partner with SkyInclude

Commission given upon conversion. We can discuss the arrangement and your involvement and include you in the quotation process. We can quote you on our price for the service and ...

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Opening Up Our Service To Help More People Host Handshake Sites

The team here at SkyInclude is excited about the long term benefits of hosting TLDs and servers on the blockchain – and talking to many – for now it seems ...

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Our Parent Company: Shadstone Services

SkyInclude is a subsidiary of Shadstone. We help companies grow their internet marketing and content across the web. If you’d like a full service, experienced agency to help you with your internet marketing – let SkyInclude know.

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