Year End Recap Here At SkyInclude

Years are passing and the Handshake ecosystem is getting older!

We’ve been a little bit more quiet here on the SkyInclude youtube channel, and I just want to give a year end recap of things that we have been involved with and noticed in the Handshake and dWeb ecosystem, let’s go through it in time order:

From Q1 2021 to Q4 2021 time:

SkyInclude Youtube Channel - Making tons of Youtube videos for the channels. Was also in hyper learning and sharing mode (some of you notice the videos I was learning as I was recording, that often was the point!) . Hope to do more in the new year.

Launched Handshake.mercenary/ message board on Handshake domain. Wanted to have more proof of concepts of websites ONLY on HNS, so in Jan 2021 we kicked off the Handshake Mercenary forum. Lots of learning by trial with people trying to login w/ (not possible) and other DNS learning items - but the forum is still online (albeit inactive - yet welcome to post please!) and doing well in the HNSSearch search. Also a bit stuck as we don’t know how to make login w/ Handshake work on the forum software and don’t want to scrap it to make a new forum tech to integrate.

Setup from the forum we were inspired to make a wiki, but have trouble with Handshake login and others have since made better wikis such as Handypedia

HandyCon in March 2021, 3 tracks over 2 days of intense online conference networking and sharing. Really a top highlight for the year - for myself personally and the Handshake community. Next one is planned for mid March 2022 - check out handshake.conference/ for details and leave your email.

Flamingo Handshake live HNS auctions - inspired from the live auctions at HandyCon, I and SkyInclude teamed up w/ Chris Moore to launch monthly live premium Handshake auctions on Flamingo Handshake. Next one and last one for 2021 is later this week, Dec 15 USA time.

Handshake Directory - didn’t work out too well, but do have setup to allow HNS TLD owners more ways to market and share their names and ways people can engage with them.

dWeb Incubator launch - with the dWeb Foundation, the team here at SkyInclude helped arrange a kickoff event and we have since been more of a participant of the ongoing program via Indigitus startup (see below)

Brave “blowup” - not a situation I’m excited to bring up - but for completeness in this year recap, we did share insights about Brave browser and the integration discussions various parties in the HNS community were having with them. Seems these talks have gone cold.

Indigitus dWeb Router - started diving into other dWeb protocols leading to Sentinel - and happy to have made a deal and a new startup company (as well as Indigitus on HNS). While this project has had unexpected hiccups (product compatibility and delay after delay) we are announcing the new hardware product in the end of December for Q1 2022.

NamesCon’s Handshake Track - in September we hosted a dedicated Handshake track at the online NamesCon, bringing maybe amazing innovators from HNS to the traditional domain name community.

Providing more SkyInclude/ porting services - over the year, more people have been reaching out to the SkyInclude team about converting / backing up their current DNS website to the decentralized internet. Our amazing team at Shadstone (the limited company behind the scenes at SkyInclude) has been executing more Akash deploys, Sia deploys, Handshake auction help and name acquisition - to enable more mass adoption of the dWeb.

Mona/ HNS payment on Wordpress WooCommerce Shopping Carts - working with Xing Yue in the Chinese HNS community, we partnered up to make Mona payments, a plugin for accepting HNS on woocommerce shopping carts.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - making amazing friendships and connections in the community. We would love to engage with more of you as the new year comes. If you are inspired by any of the projects above and have an interest to contribute, please reach out to us at the SkyInclude/ blog

Contact us here at or on HNS at setup.skyinclude/contact/ for the latest contact methods and our amazing client services team will be in touch.

We are STILL SO EARLY. And we just keep on building and chipping away at this ecosystem to make amazing things happen.

Let’s make amazing things happen in the decentralized internet for 2022.