Akash Networks (And How Handshake Works Together)

Intro Greg Osuri
CEO and Founder of Akash Networks

Mike’s understanding / way to explain Akash:
Akash is Cloud Compute - decentralized
SO instead of us, as a customer of Amazon AWS or Google Cloud, we pay nodes (decentralized independent companies/people) who have excess compute power - to compute things for our projects.
Hope I’m correct ? 😉

Involving Handshake - So SkyInclude is a Handshake channel
How do Akash and Handshake help each other out 😉

Running WordPress on Akash, with a Handshake Domain
So many want to use WordPress with their handshake name - and I’ve seen tweets and articles that Akash supports this - can you give a brief idea on how it works?

The stack - Akash, decentralized storage, and Handshake
We still need storage, right - like Sia, IPFS, Arweave right? So the stack is these 3 - Akash for processing compute, then say Sia for hosting the files, and Handshake for an easy to remember domain name on the decentralized web.

Screenshare a bit?
Greg, I’m sorry but I usually make tutorials and demos on this channel - but I am not yet familiar enough / technical enough with Akash - I simply do Handshake names with more GUI web interfaces - can we see how it works with Akash today on your screen?

Akash Mini (hardware)
Can you tell us about the mini! Looks so amazing!

Any way we can have HNS resolver collaborations?

So Akash is pretty amazing - how can people get started?
Of course - Invest in AKT if you want some exposure (do your own research, as always) - but from a user / technical standpoint - how can someone use Akash for their web project - akash.network

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