Handshake Alexa100k - Onboarding the Top 100,000 Alexa Sites

Exciting time to be alive - and a transition of the internet. Here at SkyInclude - we are always looking for tools and services that are helping grow adoption of Handshake and we recently uncovered a gem - Alexa100k.com!

This is a site that helps educate, track, and even provide services to those top 100,000 Alexa websites on the Handshake reserved site.

What Is the Alexa 100k?

When Handshake (HNS) was designed, one of the goals was to integrate with the current “internet” and allow major contributors to the current “old Internet” to have a placeholder in the “new” internet of Handshake blockchain TLDs.

So those Handshakers searching for TLDs names often run across ones that are reserved.

An Example

And I will take for example one site that is my friend’s site and I was involved in the SEO wit hover the years - Written Chinese .com

Searching “Writtenchinese” in a handshake TLD name search, and you will see it is reserved. This is because this site is a top 100,000 Alexa site - during the “snapshot” of Handshake.

If we claim this site - by proving we are the true owner of the domain / website- then we unlock the Handshake TLD and get it “free”. Yes, the .writtenchinese is held for the current .com owner. By the way, it doesn’t need to be .com, it can be any domain extension, so long as it is a top traffic site according to Alexa in the top 100,000 list.

I check on the https://dns.live/ site

But wait, there’s more!

Not only do you claim your name, you also get free HNS tokens! All Alexa100k sites will get a flat additional bonus of

503 HNS.

Some do get more - but for the majority this is the standard rate.

Yup, so this is how Handshake was designed. To incorporate and include the current top internet websites to give them an easy bridge to the new Handshake domain system.

So this new site is working on helping more Alexa100k sites to get into Handshake - and as of writing this - if the website does it for you - will ask for a 25% cut of the HNS you get (that free bounty).

Sounds like an easy deal to me! I should tell the team at WrittenChinese about that !

So let top websites you know - if they search their name and see it is reserved - they can get their name FREE + this HNS bonus. And if they are too busy to figure out how to do it - there is a service Alexa100k that can do it for them for a 25% cut.

Seems like a fair deal to me.