How to earn up to 634% per year through Sifchain with Another.Software validator


Want to highlight an innovative new validator system from

Who is behind the project founded by some amazing people who spoke at HandyCon2022:

So let us go through some points and highlights for considering to use these nice guy’s validator.

ROWAN is Providing 202% APR Staking Rewards

Rowan Staking currently 202% APR as of May 7th 2022. Rowan (sifchain) is a Cosmos (ATOM) based DEX (decentralized exchange) that is offering very generous staking rewards right now. So the team at is starting their validator business on this chain, which is a very high payout one to kick off with for sure!

They Developed Sif Re Compound for a 634% APY

This validator is a developer and building! Many validators simply collect their commission and do not contribute back to the ecosystem. One tool made is Sifrecompound, a restake bot for sifchain, which will yield about 634% APY. If you’d like to use this bot for Auto compounding for staking on sifchain, head on over to

They Are Working on a new Trading UI for Sifchain

Another thing they are building is they are developing new sifchain frontend UI - Coming Soon. Will add a screenshot to the blog post here. Here’s a screenshot they provided me:

Airdrop ASVT Token + Be an Owner of This Validator (get dividend)

Airdrop! *** Everyone will like this one - Airdrops for stakers - See Mintpaper from official site . They will launch a new token in a couple days (May 10-12, 2022 timeframe) called ASVT (Another Software Validator Token).

What is the utility of ASVT? You can read their mint paper - but this is my summary:

Basically you are an OWNER of their validator by owning ASVT. They are keeping 30% to their team, as this 30% will be their “cut” from the validator income. But the 70% they are issuing to the community to share ownership (read: DIVIDENDS) from the validator commissions they receive.


So the concept after discussing with Thomas - the token will be issued this mid May 2022. And then those holders will receive commission payments that the validator earns, relative to the % ownership they have in the ASVT pool. (So if you own 1,000 ASVT and there are 200,000 ASVT token issued, you own 0.5% rights/dividends to the payouts of the validator).

So - If You’re Into Rowan - Why Not Consider Delegating to

The thought here is - if you are going to stake to Sifchain (ROWAN) which has “juicy” staking rewards, why not pick a validator that will share some of their commission with you. And as their validator business grows, so does the value and dividend of this ASVT token.

Plus hey - support these developers, and support decentralization in general, right!

Link to stake =
Or find on the Keplr or other wallet staking platforms


Official Website including Mintpaper =

Happy to see.