Arweave NS + HNS and Stargaze Combo

This is a triple combo by Angry Mouse and the team! Arweave hosted name servers, Handshake domains, and Stargaze dSLD domain nfts (on cosmos)

Tweet from Angry Mouse:

I hope you were waiting for this, my $HNS, $AR and $STARS folks... Arweave Nameserver UI!
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Arweave Angrymouse Tweet

Setting up Arweave Wallet

Arweave wallet used

Arweave NS 9Arweave NS 4Arweave NS 8

Nameserver UI

Arweave NS 5Arweave NS 1

Add records and click save
Sign transaction

Arweave NS 3

No gas fees!
It is done - now update NS records:

Arweave NS 7

NS1 4x1e7fq7ao5rv5xyvtosx5izrc6v6ivvvpbgrvlkanoy1n5m1m.winston
NS2 4x1e7fq7ao5rv5xyvtosx5izrc6v6ivvvpbgrvlkanoy1n5m1m._arweave

Updating at Namebase

Arweave NS 2
Wait for it to sync on the blockchain
Arweave NS 10

Manage your DNS on this Arweave nameserver

As you add more domains, you will see them listed on the homepage

Of course, you need to have them connected to your Arweave wallet to be able to see and edit them.

Arweave NS 6

Here's code and tweet, UI will be very soon, like 2 days later, will send you 🙂

Want $AR-based nameserver for your $HNS SLD/dSLD?
Well then you can enjoy!
UI/Protocol Docs ASAP!
Made specially for upcoming @StargazeZone 's .stars domain owners!

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