Registering handshake.badass domain ens domains fork

Part 1 - Mike registering handshake.badass

Registering a Badass Domain

So Impervious recently came out with a badass way to bridge handshake and ethereal, and named it something badass as well - .badass Handshake TLD is now on a fork of ENS domains.

So I had no choice but to register a couple domains.

Crypto.badass was done a week or so ago as a complete newbie test - and today - thinking of a second best SLD option - handshake.badass was available

So watch as we signup and register, using Meta Mask Chrome plugin wallet.

There are 2 transactions (gas fees)
To commit to registering (this is where it is ensuring no one else is also registering the same domain name at the same time)

Then to actually register.

It cost about 90 USD in ETH, which you need to have deposited into your Meta Mask wallet.

I was short a few bucks so had to ask a friend to trade HNS for ETH. Then completed the transaction.

Will have a followup video shortly with Kiba who helped develop the system to show us what we can do with these badass domains.

Wow, this is so badass.

Register yours today at

Part 2 - with Kiba

How to sell subdomains (third level domains) like mike.handshake.badass

How can people use this - to send me crypto or host it?

How to receive a domain name / transfer

Can I sell this as an NFT?
Where? On opensea? Anywhere ethereum is able to?


Handover plugin by Zipkin

Omen on eth omen.eth