Finding Good Buying Opportunities on the Namebase Handshake Marketplace

Who doesn’t love a good deal?

Over the months, the team at SkyInclude has learned quite a bit about sifting through the thousands of names (and growing exponentially) at Namebase - just check their new stats page at While we do hear (and hope) that their search will improve to help uncover these gems, we want to give you some early insights on how to do it now. As the market becomes more transparent, these special gems and prices will go away. We want to share this with you - so let’s tune in.

Finding Good (and original) Emojis

The Emoji name market on Handshake is really picking up.

You can watch and read our Emoji guide at for thee basics of it

And still there are great names at great prices.

Go to the Namebase marketplace:

Filter by:
Punycode (which is the system to decipher Emoji)
Length - the shortest punycode for emoji is 8 (but those will be expensive) - we recommend 8 to 12 in length.
Sort By: Lowest Price

These 3 filters will help you uncover the original emoji at the best prices.

In the video we will explain.

Finding Good Prices on English Words we have a whole video at but let’s talk today about finding good deals.

Not too much magic here - hop over to Niami and there are the filters on rating level. They have a secret algorithm for rating (wish I knew it!) and you can hop through the various levels.

To find the deals, sort by price - and then click over to Namebase to buy.

Have any other ways ?

Let us know! Of course you can also scour through the marketplace or sort by length on the English language system.

Would love to hear your strategies and insights!