BingX Exchange – An Exchange For Social Trading

We’re happy to say we’ve been building connections in the web3 space - and many more collaborations will be coming too! Today is BingX, a crypto trading platform that has some friends there supporting SkyInclude.

We dove into it - as of course after this FTX nightmare in the crypto space - no one trusts anything - and are comfortable to share about it here because BingX does not trade itself, it keeps 100% reserves, proves it weekly publicly, and does not have its own coin (like FTX has FTT, BingX does not)

PLUS - we do have some hopes they may list HNS coin in the future. We will be helping promote them in our community, and as we build up long term relationship, our contact there will help us list HNS coin.

So if you’re looking for a crypto exchange for 2023 + beyond, check this one out!

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