Bitmain miners launched for Handshake (With AntPool adding to the pool)

Exciting news for the end of 2023 - Bitmain, a top bitcoin mining manufacturer, has launched a HNS miner!

My favorite part - they found HNS on their own will and research. No centralized team or DAO or foundation had to do “business development” to reach out to them, “bribe them”, etc. The Bitmain research team was looking for a POW (proof of work) domain naming protocol - and found Handshake.

As I explained on a recent Handshake.mastermind, they they tried to find a contact in Handshake but were so confused as there is no centralized foundation or team to talk to. Rithvik recommended they talk to me / Skyinclude as we do twitter spaces and marketing content and they sent me a Telegram.

Honestly, at first I thought it was a scam, but we had a group Zoom call and they really were Bitmain.

Then they invited me to their Twitter Spaces to launch the miner,

💥ANTMINER #HS3 Launch Event💥

Small cap assets with mining potential— Will HNS reform the domain name system?

🗣Dive into decentralized domain name project
& HNS mining opportunity.

⏰ Dec.20 8PM (UTC+8)
🎁Suprise from

❤️ & RT to show your desire😍

antminer tweet

#ANTMINER HS3 is on sale‼️
⭐️The best performance HNS miner #Handshake #HNS
☑️Highly competitive hashrate & improved power efficiency


🕐Spot sale starts on Dec. 20, 9:00AM(EST)
1️⃣customer can purchase up to 5️⃣units

sold in less than a minute tweet

Wow that was SO FAST🙀
#ANTMINER HS3 was sold out in only 2⃣7⃣ seconds‼️‼️

Thank you everyone for your support❤️ Stay tuned for our next batch🫡

💬Welcome to comment below on what kind of miners you expect the most☺️


On top of Bitmain making a mining machine for Handshake, Ant pool also joined - offering 0% fees for the launch

We have officially launched HNS!🎉🥳 For a limited period of time only, mine HNS at 0️⃣ fee on ANTPOOL. Check out our HNS mining tutorial here:
AntPoolofficial tweet

This truly makes me even more excited about Handshake being the correct way to do domain names in web 3. No permission needed, companies as large as Bitmain can find it on their own will and research, build a miner, and release it.

And the results are already speaking for themselves, as ape.c shows the new Ant Pool already getting a significant share of the mining pool

For the first time in a long while, f2pool's hashrate share has dropped below 50% for blocks mined in the last 24 hours. ViaBTC has increased the hashrate and a new pool shown as unknown (probably Antpool) is at a hashrate share of 24% in the past 24 hours.

Yet other “alternate naming solutions” feel this is a flaw of Handshake and instead need DAOs and teams and foundations - yet to me that just seems like re-creating ICANN.

Future looks bright to me, we must keep up the belief and the hope that HNS is the true and decentralizing naming solution. Law of attraction.