Bob Wallet Browser Extension

Jacky (Bob Wallet)
Bob Extension is now sent to Chrome Web Store for review!

In the meantime, I would like to invite the community to try out a development build so that we can make the general launch as smooth as possible. Please dm me if you are interested in beta testing Bob Extension. I will then add you to a private telegram group where development build will be distributed.
For all the handshake devs - please check out the repository at:

The extension injects a Bob3 object to each page, where apps can interact with the wallet via a confirmation pop up similar to metamask.

Matt Zipkin:

Api based wallets are ok too for convenience. @MikeMichelini when you do your video on this (wink) just keep in mind the wallet leaks a lot of privacy. But still cannot steal your coins. Same model as viawallet sorta

When asked about SPV (not needing to download the full node) - response:
SPV is on my list to do... but it's not on top of stack. Extension, and polishing use cases for different handshake apps (h-apps?) would be top of list for me.

I do plan on tackling it before full node syncing becomes unbearably long (around Q4 this year?).

Dev build's here

Also - I just learned when i posted a screenshot - this same team also was part of making Meta Mask!

Steven McKie, [Apr 26, 2021 at 11:24:09 AM]:
Fun fact kyokan who made Bob wallet also worked on metamask