How to Use Bob Wallet For Handshake Domains

If you’re a bit more technical and want to get onto the blockchain of HNS

 Bob Wallet is a great place for that. In this video tutorial we go through what it takes to install it, fund it (via Namebase), bid and open auctions, and do reveal.

The Guide on Using Bob Wallet

  • Step 1

    There is no “website” for Bob wallet - but you can go to and then when you download it goes to their GitHub repo From there - choose the install file you want - Mac uses .dmg, and Windows .msi - use the latest version. You’ll need space to download it on your laptop - the software - but also the Handshake blockchain. I believe when I did it it was 6 gigabytes (as of end of December 2020). So I had to leave on online overnight.

  • Step 2

    Once it shows “Synced” - congrats - you have the entire Handshake Blockchain locally installed on your computer. Now you can search for domains even without internet (but of course need to “sync” just like Dropbox to get the latest bids and updates to the DNS).

  • Step 3

    Creating an account, choose a username, SECRET key will be generated, and pick a password. This is the same as any crypto wallet - the secret key CANNOT BE recovered if you lose it. You are responsible for your secret key. Just like friends who forgot their bitcoin wallet secret key and cannot access those bitcoins, same here. IF YOU FORGET YOUR SECRET KEY - all your HNS and any domains in that account are lost. And then, they will expire (after the 2 year renewal) and someone else can claim them in the future.

  • Step 4

    So, I hope that is clear - save your secret key in a secure place that you will be able to recover in the future. Written down, saved in a vault, etc. This is the key difference with using something like - they are the exchange, and you can ask them to reset your password and they are your custodian. But for Bob Wallet - you have no “customer service” and no “forgot password” customer chat to help you regain access. So with great power, comes great responsibility. Hope you understand.

  • Step 5

    Once in the Bob Wallet, it is honestly pretty straight forward. You can make bids, have masked bids, search domains, manage your domains, add funds, send funds. Another key difference, you need to do the reveal of the auction manually. This isn’t too hard, but you’ll need to log back into your Bob Wallet during the reveal stage and show your bid and blind. Failure to do so will result in all your HNS being burned / lost that you put in and you will lose the auction regardless of your bid amount. Again, Namebase takes care of this for you - so this is the ease of use decision you need to make.

We will update this guide as we learn it more ourselves. 
Cheers to the decentralized web!