Today’s Environment – for Builders

What We're Doing In Today's Environment

More of a general checkin blog today than anything. But I know people think the sky is falling in the crypto world. Yes, we are down bad here at SkyInclude too and it is painful to look at that side.

But this is the beautiful thing about Handshake, and one of the main reasons it re-ignited my personal interest in the crypto market at all. Handshake is not at all about just buying and selling some coin on a exchange. It is a real business here. Each and every TLD is a lifetime of work and income someone can do. Yes, many of us in this year of 2022 (wonder what year you are watching this) is "swimming in TLDs" and is taking them for granted.

But in years time, I see each TLD as being a legitmate way to earn a living, support a community, and do business.

And as I have gotten involved in more decentralized website projects and communities - you know the biggest indicator I have of gauging if it will make it or not? The community of builders. Are there independent people and/or companies who are building on the protocol? Or is it more like a centralized company and it is surrounded by speculators who are hoping that centralized company is "building".

I won't start to turn this SkyInclude blog into a shillfest of which projects I think are doing one or the other - but I'll let you apply your own analysis.

Believe me - I think Handshake falls under a protocol that has independent companies and individuals that are building. Sure, there are big ones like Namebase, and that has a large amount of speculators that are not building but instead hoping the company develops tools and systems. But there is a vibrant community of third party developers building.

And during this unfortunate turn of events in the crypto market, will they keep building or are they walking away? That is the true test of a project. Sure, I have seen some comments in various Telegram groups of those who are not able to stomach the market conditions. But most I see are still there, chipping away, building, creating.

Same here, we are chipping away. While I'm not actively shilling on Twitter, there is a lot going on.

Flamingo Handshake monthly auction this week may not be a big one, but we will still host it to make some announcements and have a handshake.mastermind afterwards.

SkyInclude is still building some dWeb websites for clients as well as our own portfolio of projects and websites.

If anything, this downturn of events is bringing more exposure to the projects that are building and creating. The hype projects will fade. The remaining projects which have true value will survive this bear market and come back stronger than ever.

See you at Flamingo Handshake this week? Register for FREE! Let's keep pushing.