Butterfly Protocol Study

DAO for a web 3.0 DNS

Need meta mask

Can use app.butterflyprotocol.io to register names

Many collisions - .com , .org, .nft
answer: use bproto:// instead of http://

TLD is using BFLY (ERC20)
Then issuing subBFLY for that TLD to the BFLY owners and others to use on that TLD
subBFLY for SLD sales on that are ERC-721 (NFT)

Making own social network, with .human

Fundraising router:
100k usd from advisors
300k usd from seed round
500k usd from private sale
Then in early 2021, a public sale on PolkaStarter of 1 million USD
Then on Uniswap and other exchanges

Interview with the founders