Censorship & Code of Conduct in Handshake (& Blockchain In General)

For many, myself included, we are in a new frontier. A new wild wild west - truly - with “cowboys” entering a saloon with their revolvers on their hips showing off their winnings at the bar.

With great power comes great responsibility as Peter Parker’s Uncle said. And with web 3, or the internet on the blockchain - it is the community where that responsibility falls.

Let’s kick things off with an email we received at our SkyInclude inbox from a viewer

First of all, thank you for covering this topic with your YouTube Videos.
I will be interested to see where the Dweb goes. Too much friction right now with the HNS resolver.
I believe that will correct itself with future development of browsers, and nameservers.
I am a little concerned about some of the new TLD's I am seeing listed on gatweay.io Is it necessary to have a TLD? .aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa or .fatfu***k or .f*****ingbitch
I understand the marketing message in this space is the uncensored web, but my concern is perception. It's a new space and if the goal is adoption it needs to be bold but reasonable.
I don't see Amazon or Alphabet getting too excited about receiving traffic from stopbeinga.fatf***k.
Perhaps you could bring this up to the NAMEBASE.io team when you connect with them again for another interview.
Adoption is driven by utility. and there is not much utility in crypto.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Thank you again.

- SkyInclude Subscriber

Others on the SkyInclude team saw that come in , even before I did, and agreed with it.

To be honest, I am 50/50 on how I feel. But today’s video is a great chance to share and open this discussion.

Here’s the reality - many of us want to move to web3 from web2 because we are tired of getting the “ban hammer” from the false gods of Facebook and Google and Amazon. We are tired of living and building our empires on sand that can be washed away with a small drop of water from these overlords.

So in web3 - “evil” will exist - but what will happen is there are blacklists that are made, or whitelists that are used - at various application levels (browsers, social media, etc)

Yes, like our SkyInclude subscriber notes - Namebase / Gateway can (and probably should) remove some profane or low quality TLDs. I actually agree having low quality stuff dilutes the value - and I have been studying NFTs and NFT marketplaces for a while now and the curated, application only ones are the ones that usually do better.

But at the same time - Handshake can also have a higher quality, filtered and curated registry program. Gateway seems to have taken the position of allowing anything in (except trademark or hate speech, I believe) on their platform.

Encirca and 101domain are 2 other registry companies that have their own policy and criteria as well.

So I believe competition and the market will decide.

SkyInclude Has Registered Blacklist.txt

Funny timing, but Steve Webb tweeted a 50% discount on .txt and I couldn’t help myself - plus wanted to support Encirca as I had not yet registered an SLD there.

He even suggested blacklist.txt in his tweet!

So it was destiny.

We are setting up a quick one at blacklist.txt to show how things COULD work.

People, companies, browsers, etc - can “subscribe” to blacklist.txt and ignore / not resolve the domains, or even TLDs - in it.

This is just one example - anyone can make a blacklist - and others could subscribe (if the list was public)

Join the Handshake Director Call - This Week - About the Code of Conduct

Again, perfect timing for this post and video - later this week - Namebase, Mark Smith, and others in the community (myself one of them) are hosting a director call (on Zoom) where anyone with a TLD or HNS token can join - as that means you are a director.

In this session - we will be discussing forming a code of conduct. How will the community treat trademark squatters, vulgar language, etc.

So if you are interested and concerned about the future of Handshake and its code of conduct - I hope to see you there!

Here’s the namer news post on it with a zoom link.