Updates on Handshake Projects We’re Involved In

A December 2020 progress update on what the team at SkyInclude is building and working on, for our own projects as well as those we are helping along with.

Bartender/ TLD Community

One project is https://dotbartender.com (.bartender) on the DNS, and http://my.bartender on HNS.

The idea of this is to help bartenders around the world secure their own SLD - with the long term ability to build their “social network profile” here to help them get bartending gigs - and even get their cryptocurrency bartender tips sent to their .bartender SLD.

Still very early stage, but working on making the closed beta application on a DNS site which we picked DOTbartender.com as it is the most logical.

This is also an attempt to get the Handshake word out to more mainstream users.

Mastermind TLD community

Through a business community we’re part of - Global From Asia - we are working towards giving its members a mastermind SLD for their sessions.

Instead of the SLD only being for 1 single person, these SLDs will represent the group (of 6 people normally) and can share updates to those who have access to that SLD. Progress reports, upcoming mastermind meeting schedule, sharing contact info, and more.

This we are also building on https://dotmastermind.com in the DNS - to help those not aware of Handshake to be able access it and understand how it works.

Putting a Family on the Handshake Ecosystem

One of our partners, Michael Michelini, has gotten the TLD michelini/ and is making SLDs for himself and his kids. The idea is this is a family tree TLD where those who have the family name “Michelini” (Italian heritage name) can register a SLD here.

Check out these 3 sites

http://michael.michelini (https://www.michaelmichelini.com on DNS)

http://maggie.michelini (https://www.maggiemichelini.com on DNS)

http://miles.michelini (https://milesmichelini.com on DNS)

There are other projects in the works which we will share on the Skyinclude blog as they develop.

We would love to hear what you are doing with your Handshake TLDs - we hope not just squatting - but actually building!

The real way to get mass adoption of the ecosystem is to have more and more use cases. More and more questions sent to hosting companies about how to point the HNS sites to their servers.

Need Help?

Skyinclude is a service to help you port your normal DNS sites to HNS - similar to the “Michelini” family sites above.

To learn more, head on over to https://skyinclude.com/port/ on DNS, or http://setup.skyinclude on HNS and we’d love to discuss your project.