Dename by FXWallet: Decentralized Handshake TLD Marketplace

Bear markets is where builders build - and for sure this is happening in the Handshake decentralized community. Beautiful to see amazing products popping up like weeds.

Today we are talking about a new (at least for me?) decentralized Handshake TLD marketplace called

It's in ALPHA for sure, so when you use it - please remember that. Took me a while to figure it out and I am sure more tweaks and updates will be coming.

If you are an older user of (like I was - back when it was - you’ll need to update to their latest mobile app.

Best for me to show you in a demo (Taking out my phone now as it is mobile only)

Dename Web Version

HNS Fans! We are pleased to announce our new product——Dename, the web version of Domain Auction&Market is NOW ONLINE!
Come and get your loved domain.
#HNS #handshake #domainauction #domain

dename web version

After Mike’s name settled (Finalized) - Process to List for Sale

Can also see it on-chain at:

And see the listing on at :

Lock Name
dename part 2 - 1


Bid, complete