Importing a DNS Name (web2) to ENS Domains (web3)

Curious how to move your .com or other web2 traditional ICANN domain name to the Ethereum block chain using ENS Domains technology?

I just watched and amazing video tutorial by:

Seán Murray | 3531.eth | sean1.eth
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And he gave us here at SkyInclude channel permission to republish. Here’s his tweet and original vimeo video as main source, thanks Sean!

Sean Tweet
Hi Sean - love the video! Not sure if you’d be OK but may I use this on my Youtube channel Skyinclude? Give you full credit, links, & can add more to it as well.
DNS to ENS 2

Here is my writeup and screengrabs of the main steps:

Here are the steps that Sean went through:

1) Add your domain to Cloudflare

DNS to ENS 10
And point your nameservers there at your domain registrar (like any cloudflare setup process)
DNS to ENS 8

2) Turn on DNSSEC at your domain registrar (in this case Namecheap)

DNS to ENS 4

3) Turn on DNSSEC at Cloudflare

DNS to ENS 6

4) Connect DNSSEC in Cloudflare to Namecheap

Copy over the data that Cloudflare gives you into Namecheap DNSSEC section
DNS to ENS 7
You can watch the main points in the video tutorial

5) Add your domain to ENS Domains

DNS to ENS 3

6) Follow the instructions on verifying you own the domain

He goes through these steps in real time on the video tutorial.
DNS to ENS 1

7) Pay the Ethereum Gas Fee

Once you are all set to verify, you need to mint your web2 domain on the Ethereum block chain.
DNS to ENS 9

8) All Set!

You can now use the power of ENS domains on your normal web2 domains. And Sean shows sending of funds to the domain he used in the example.
DNS to ENS 5