Drew Rosener’s Future of Domains Insights for Web3

Future of The Internet And Domains

Great to have you back to HandyCon, Drew! Your session last year was a top one. You are the CEO of Media Options, an award winning domain broker having arranged top deals in the domain space. Also you are an investor and innovator in the space, not just in web2 but into the web3, so we very much appreciate you coming back today.

A LOT has changed since last March 2021 in the space. Want to give us some highlights from what you have seen? More on the web3 / decentralized domain space, but can weave in traditional domains as well as ETH and NFT (apes, etc) into this.

For those traditional domain investors that are still holding back on the blockchain in general, what do you normally advise them? Many in my opinion are still resisting this disruption.

“JPG vs decentralized domain”/ I see your Twitter profile is a bored Ape, I’m also holding some Ethereum and NFTs on Solana. Funny thing, some in the Handshake and other decentralized domain projects even resist “buying jpegs” and are only in domains. Thoughts on their diversification consideration?

The various decentralized domain choices. I’m aware you’re an investor in Unstoppable Domains, how do you see Unstoppable, ENS Domains, Handshake, and any other decentralized domain solutions playing out in the long term?

What do you look for when investing in a Handshake name versus a traditional domain? Or do the same rules apply?

Squatters - Last year’s talk you gave a lot of great insights (recommend everyone check it out on the HandyCon.promote archives), one being to discourage domain squatters. Whether it is traditional domains or blockchain domains, it hurts the industry. Since last year, have you noticed anything to note?

How can people work with you and MediaOptions? What kind of deals are you doing as of late.

Thank you Drew, this is great!