Introduction to the dWeb Foundation

An important and exciting development in the Handshake ecosystem is the establishment of the dWeb Foundation. Initiated by Jehan Chu, Chjango, and Tieshun Roquerre – it sets out to be a formal body exchange and other counterparties can interface with when wanting to collaborate with Handshake.

We were lucky enough to have Jehan share a bit about it during the Flamingo Handshake auctions and here is the video clip of it

Highlights of what the dWeb Foundation is here to do:

  • Developer support – contributing towards salary of key developers in the community.
  • Education – helping to localize and translate Handshake documentation to multiple languages
  • Incubator / accelerator program – helping bring in more VC and investors to the Handshake ecosystem
  • Browser & Exchange collaboration – helping to get integrated w/ Brave, Opera Browser, as well as listing on major exchanges such as Coinbase – these need a formal body to talk to
  • “Muscle” in the community – while may not be in the day to day chats on Telegram and Discord, the dWeb foundation is here to help with the bigger deals and pushing things forward.

Visit the website of dWeb Foundation at