(Quick Hack) Easy Way To Navigate Emoji Domains with Emoji Keyboard

The Handshake world LOVES emoji domains! Many of the top aftermarket sales are emoji domains.

Today, a quick “hack” on how to access emoji domains using an emoji keyboard (thanks Chris Moore for the tip)

On Mac (which is what I use in the video)

Then it will open up a mini keyboard where you can browse or type in keywords to search for this domain.

On Windows
Windows logo key + . (period)
Windows + ; (semi-colon) or Windows + . (period)

And on Handshake (HNS) - you don’t need any of the .to or .ws domain extensions - it is simply the emoji.

Let’s use an emoji we have in the portfolio - 😝

Searching that in the keyboard - we then type it in

On Chrome - simply put in the emoji and then a forward slash and enter.
On Safari, we had to put http:// in front of the emoji an then a slash after it.
On Firefox
On Brave
On Puma browser (iOS mobile)

Note - we are using hdns.io resolver made by Namebase - check our guide and video on it here - http://skyinclude.com/hdns/

If you are not, you can add the hns.to at the end, which is what a developer in the community made.

This is just so game changing - just put in an emoji in the browser bar. Some have said it can become wallets for crypto, it can be social networks.

It is truly cross culture, cross language - no need for translating what it means or typing anything out.

We have quite a few at our Flamingo emoji + handshake emoji domain - 🦩🤝/ check it out today! The goal is to make this a registrar of Emoji domains on Handshake.

Thee future of the internet seems so unique, creative, and exciting