What is the relationship of ENS and HNS?

We see .eth / ENS as a DAO for the .eth web3 domain system with a very active and supportive ecosystem - especially with the endorsement for Vitalik.

HNS always respected and reserved .eth for ENS since Mainnet in March 2020, and it was claimed in May 2020 by ENS.

ENS is a .eth + web2 TLD importer tool.
HNS is a “Soft fork” of the internet with TLDs that have not been issued by the

Replying to Dr3a About TLD System for web3

Dr3a About TLD System for web3

There's a difference between Web2 having hundreds of TLDs and Web3 having hundreds of TLDs.

In Web2 ICANN is the organization that regulates TLDs.

In Web3 there is no organization that regulates TLDs. ANYONE can create ANY TLD and sell them.

but - you dont think handshake tries to fix that? hns reserved .eth for ens domains and it was claimed by ens.
Dr3a reply:
Still need to do a deep dive on Handshake from the little research I have done, i like what they are doing so far.
Mike reply:
Hi Dr3a, thanks for that, Hns and ens to me always seemed complimentary. Making a video reply now, and a thread below this

Relationship with ENS and HNS a 🧵📹 below

1) Brantly - We had Brantly at our first HandyCon in 2021 as well as on many Clubhouse HNS calls. https://2021.handycon.xyz/traditional-domain-ecosystem/

2) Nick.eth I believe it was Nick.eth who claimed .eth TLD from handshake shortly after main net in May 2020 https://www.niami.io/domain/eth

3) Learning about Handshake: I can recommend a couple places to get up to speed quickly, learn.namebase.io (Namebase is 1 dapp within the Handshake.org ecosystem, many confuse that)

4) JJ one of the co-founders - a short clip on Handshake’s history, and it being a “soft fork” of the current web2 internet. https://skyinclude.com/softfork/ (from March 2021)

5) 2 of the co-founders had a very deep discussion on an online panel (full clip of the above short clip, you can check that here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yweY3WaEAcs

6) I recently spoke about the importance of decentralized ownership on the blockchain in HCPP in Prague, its a long one but I think I covered it as best I could https://mikesblog.com/hcpp/

Or youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMLjogcfoo4

7) theShake has great resources https://www.theshake.xyz/resources/getstarted

8) Invitation Handshake.Mastermind Twitter space next week - I love what you’re doing dr3a, following your tweets from afar. Maybe we can have you at our Handshake.mastermind twitter space happening next week? 8am New york time on Thurs Dec 14. Archives are all on http://handshake.mastermind (HNS domain)

9) inviting you or someone at ENS to our HandyCon 2024 in March (online) we are finalizing dates but we will have our fourth annual www.HandyCon.xyz conference in March 2024 and would love to have ENS represented. We are “Frens”.