Handshake HNS Faucet – Need Some Handshake? This is your place!

Looking For Some HNS To Get Started?

A common issue for people is obtaining some initial HNS (Handshake coin) to get started.

Happy to say, a developer in the community stepped up and made one!

And a nice domain name for it too


Based off the concept of a Bitcoin faucet, if you’re in need then head on over - craft your best tweet - and spread the love on the beauty of Handshake.

The system will review it and based on the engagement send to the HNS wallet address you provided some coin to get started.

Want to donate and support?
This is a great way to help more newcomers to get started, or those in USA who can’t easily get HNS coin in their own wallet. Shoot over some HNS to their public wallet and support the cause.

Foundations also should consider supporting this and hope to get some updates there soon.