Announcing: 1st Emoji Live Auction for Handshake - Flamingo Handshake

Ways to help with Flamingo Handshake & Spreading more awareness of Handshake

The community has brought A grade emojis (shout out to blockdomains/!) to make the first ever emoji-only Handshake TLD auction a very special one.

Let’s bring in A-grade bidders
Let’s bring in new quality members (directors) of Handshake via this auction.
Let’s educate the world why Handshake is the superior naming protocol.

Let’s do this!

Ways to help:

  • Help share – We are designing a poster for each emoji – to share on social, to our friends, in chats, etc
  • Create Your Own Memes – the site has the list of names – pick one or all – and mak memes to spread fun and awareness (in a positive way for the ecosystem)
  • Help invite bidders – bring in the A list of bidders, personal invite is the best. Invite them on Google calendar.
  • Bring in influencers – maybe we can gift influencers free names if they help promote?
  • Make sure each of these names is “resolving” (on DLinks) – lets make sure that the emoji domains have at least a basic Link page to show that these are able to be used to the new owner.
  • Helping engages and have fun during the live auction. Positive energy, positive comments and involvement is great. We expect last minute registrations, so if you can share snippets of the auction when it starts on various social media channels.
  • Facebook? Anyone still using that? We are not doing facebook ads as this is all community driven, but maybe ways to reach more people on Facebook to save them from the centralized social media empire world.

Reasons / Angles for handshake

  • This project is supporting open source developers – a min 25% is going to a foundation for developing the ecosystem.
  • You can use these name NOW – the Handshake blockchain protocol has been on main net since Feb 2020.
  • The name is truly 100% yours, this is not held as a subdomain on our website to be issued as a NFT / domain in a future date – after the auction – you can use it in Namebase, transfer to Bob Wallet, or anything you well please.

Things To Discuss

We would like to accept credit cards – but because these sales are non-reversible we need to make it crypto orr bank transfer – Namebase is helping with the escrow. We should be able to accept BTC and others.