Register Your Domain Name – Forever! With Forever Domains!

Let’s check this out as we build a domain on .forever - forever!

Want to register your own .forever domain - forever!?
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This is the same process as when we registered an ENS domain (.eth) last year, as well as a .badass domain last year.

Also - you can register .forever domains at Encirca with a credit card if you prefer. There is a process to transfer them to your own Ethereum blockchain wallet, but their support at Encirca is super helpful.

A PR Announcement of the Forever Domains release:

Using our Forever Domain (Updating DNS, hosting)

So what I’m excited about on using this living.forever domain - is it is forever! So we can set DNS records on the blockchain and then be able to move on and it should last forever (so long as the hosting does).

Let us go through this today in the video:

Only 1 NS record
Pay the gas fee (this is when gwei is 6 )
TX pending
TX will finish

Still working on getting the .eth and ethereum connection on hns chat

eskimo — 05/29/2022
@lukeburns/ [eth] failed to initialize : could not detect network (event="noNetwork", code=NETWORK_ERROR, version=providers/5.6.2) (retrying in 10s)
what's going on
lukeburns/ — 05/29/2022 Some issue with geth
eskimo — 05/29/2022 :/
lukeburns/ — 05/29/2022 Maybe this?


Xing Yue helped speed up my meta mask with this suggestion

Maybe you can modify your metamask based URL the faster one which can be found from