Handshake HNS Founders “Gave It All Away” Donations to FOSS Community


As we approach “The Happening” here in Handshake, and as we approach 4 year since Mainnet (Main Net was March 2020), I notice many new people in the space lose touch with some of the origin story and ethos of how Handshake was born to the world.

The founders “gave it all away” to the FOSS (free and open source software) communities. I mentioned it during my HCPP talk in Prague, but didn’t have it as broken down as I will today.

Short story:
Handshake “foundation” (which was dissolved after Main net for decentralized community reasons) raised money from VCs and other investors


They raised over 10 million dollars - and GAVE IT ALL AWAY.

Shout out to HNSbroker for tracking all of these down - what he did was searched twitter during the timeframe that HNS was giving all their money.

So I screen grabbed as well as saved those links and share in the presentation as well as here

Again, you can download these compiled slides at


Isn’t that beautiful. Handshake was a gift to the world, and many barely even knew about this donation act and still choose “centralized decentralized” web3 naming projects.

Handshake is the closest to “bitcoin for domains” with a true grassroots and community effort.

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