A Decentralized World Where People Get Free Domains & Hosting For Life

(Venture Seed Example)

Imagine this

A world where people can register for a free (or almost free) domain name and a free (or almost free) hosting.

How could this be possible?

I love to talk about the potential we have for a true internet - an internet I believe many of the early builders of the world wide web imagined it as. Imagine this - a world where people can register for a free (or almost free) domain name and a free (or almost free) hosting. How?

Without the admin costs such as ICANN fees of $185,000 USD application fee, and a $20,000 USD (approximately) yearly fee - a Handshake TLD can do exactly this.

A Use Case - Venture Seed

Here’s an example - we’re the owner of ventureseed.com, a portal for international startups to list their company, as well as solutions for banking and financial services for these budding tech companies (along with a potential to help with micro financing and/or advising)

We at SkyInclude were lucky enough to have also opened the auction and secured the ventureseed/ TLD on Handshake.

And this is our plan and dream for this name:

We have the “old” DNS domain - ventureseed.com that also gets the Google and normal user traffic, and once the bridge of Ethereum (ENS) and Handshake (HNS) is made (which is in alpha stage now working on a Handshake name we are told) - we will promote this Ventureseed Handshake name on the VenturerSeed “traditional” website.

The goal is to attract tech startups from around the world - ones who may not have much funds even to buy a traditional domain name or pay for traditional hosting.

We can GIFT them - totally for free - a “SLD” (what most of us in the internet in 2020/2021 call a domain) for LIFE!

They can host on Sia Skynet (SC) - we have a guide at http://skyinclude.com/skynet FOR FREE as well.

So now - these budding entrepreneurs have:

  • A free domain name, that they OWN FOR LIFE

    We will use the Ethereum blockchain to make a smart contract that is bridged over with the ventureseed/ TLD - if possible we would like to have conditions that this tech company actually uses the domain for their tech company and not for other purposes (not sure the exact format of these smart contracts, our goal would be to have entrepreneurs using this for tech and startup purposes only).

  • Free hosting on Skynet with Sia (SC = Sia coin)

    From what I understand it is lifetime free, or extremely cheap if they are getting popular enough.

  • Promotion and help from Venturesed, inclusion in a directory

    Hopefully some investment capital and/or other resources to get them started. We are using the ventureseed/ Handshake name as an example (and also some social pressure for us to actually use the name and make it happen!) This can be done with any Handshake name - very soon! Here’s a post on Handshake Mercenary with the discussion of it:

Check Out Handshake Mercenary Discussion

Some other use cases

Schools - imagine a school giving free domains for life to their students. When I was in college, I got a subdomain / hosting package from the school (Stevens Tech). But what happened when I graduated? They sent me an email that I had to backup / port my site off the college servers as it would be getting removed. They would forward it to a site of my choice, if I wanted. But why do that? Why not let alumni have their sites still? Probably because of costs and complexity. With a Handshake domain, the school would own the TLD and then issue SLD to each student - just like registering a domain at Godaddy. The student would then login to their “account” (wallet / website - whatever custodian system that TLD uses) and update their site, IP, MX records, etc.

Residential Communities - imagine a district of a city, or a village, issuing SLD domains to their residents. Using this as their identity and way to view information about their community that is only for those people. Or to make / receive payments within that community.

Memberships / clubs - imagine being a member of a “website” (community) and instead of just having a username and password to login to your account - you are issued your own “domain” SLD. This is where you have your profile, but also how you access your membership benefits, make payments, even receive payments (depending on the functionality of that member community).

Companies - imagine a company intranet of each team member. Instead of just a Slack group and Google drive - the whole system is on a TLD and each team member has their own “domain” (userID) that then grants them access to the company intranet. Chat, file hosting, payroll, HR issues - all done and maintained through a Handshake name system with other decentralized hosting solutions.

How is this even possible?

Because the Handshake TLD cost is the cost of the auction price (pay the second highest bid price), and then after that the cost is 1 “mining fee” every 2 years to renew, which is less than a 0.01usd right now. Sia Skynet is currently free for hosting, and there are more and more free hosting options we see being discussed.Again, I am “dreaming of the future” - and enjoy making these as examples of what we can do.

Would love to hear ideas you have on how to make the world, and the internet, more empowering for the individual and the actual content creator and community leaders. 

That is what it was meant to be - not in the hands of a few.