Gateway Registrar Update – Claim Your Domains! – 2 years After Lawsuit

So time is flying, and we just wrapped up our fourth annual Handycon conference - and there is as always a ton of updates in the community.

Namebase did a BIG update at HandyCon 4 (Thanks also for the sponsorship!) and in it they mentioned the Gateway IO fiasco is getting some light at the end of the tunnel.

If you had domains on Gateway IO (besides the .wallet and .sats) and would like to transfer them to a registrar and use them - it is ready!

For the official support link, go here

So we do have an account at Gateway (HAD) and got the email

So we claimed the names (with auth code) into our Namecheap account - using the coupon code - for 0 fees.
Look forward to more updates as the lawsuit with Unstoppable domains company and Scott the owner of .wallet (as there is no Handshake to sue) . Sending positive vibes Scott and looking forward to getting our “real” .wallet domains issued back soon!