Receiving + Gifting Handshake Domains

We need to spread the love of Handshake 

 Every so often we pick up a name that is best suited for someone else. Or we open up an auction and get it for someone not yet on Handshake to get them one. This video will be for those receiving a gifted Handshake domain, and what they need to do. 

 Why Accept This Handshake Name as A Gift?

You may be weary of someone randomly offering you something for free. But this is what the Handshake community was built for - to help spread the decentralized web and make the “internet great again”. Those who are adding value to the internet should get a piece of the new internet (web 3.0, or DWeb = decentralized web). Some of us are taking it upon ourselves to spread  the goodness of this movement.

And if there is a selfish reason, or a benefit - of course the more adoption of users, the more widespread, useful, and valuable the ecosystem becomes.

So if you are sick and tired of censorship and want to actually DO something about it - signing up and embracing this new technology 

And also - you own them for FREE for LIFE!

What To Do With This Handshake Domain?

As of December 2020 as I type this - there is just a few things you can do - but the future is bright. It only was launched in Feb of this year (10 months ago) and has been spreading.

Be Part of the New Internet

These are some practical uses:

1) Make your DLinks profile - Namebase has something called DLinks - which stands for decentralized links. It is essentially a simple page listing your profile links such as blog and Twitter. It is hosted on the decentralized hosting Sia Skynet, so helps get more usage of this amazing new internet. 

2) Use your Handshake domain as your “userID” on the new dWeb Social Network platforms, such as Nomad. was the first social network on the dWeb that just came out this month. You can verify your Handshake domain (by updating the DNS on the blockchain, we have a video about that on /nomad) and then you own your identity, as well as own your content. 

Now, hope that convinces you

Let’s get into how to do this!

  • First - receiving the gift:

    You’ll get an email that you were gifted a domain (this is via Create an account or link this notification to your existing Namebase account

  • Next - quickly make a dlinks profile.

    Go to Products - DLinks - and it has a simple page builder where you can upload your profile photo, add some social media or blog links - and publish. BOOM! Big step, this is web 3.0 movement stuff and it only took a few minutes.

  • Third, if you want to go into actually being a user on the “new Twitter / Facebook” on the dWeb

    Check out (there are others coming soon) and verify your domain as the userID. There you go - more and more ways to use your domain will come out. More social networks, more page builders and hosting.

We also have a bunch of other tutorials here for using Amazon s3 to host, and even make it on Wordpress.
Plus - this isn’t just a domain like a .com - this is also called a TLD - or a top level domain - so you can have SLDs - secondary level domains - such as:


Either give them for free, or sell them, or if you are creative, make it your own Hag social network. 

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