(Announcement) Speaking About True Ownership of Your Name: Importance of Handshake & Decentralized naming

Proud to say I’ll be heading to Prague in Europe for Hacker Congress Sept 29 and October 1, 2023 to speak!

Disclosure and appreciation - my travel was sponsored by dWeb Foundation, thank you!

Look forward to represent Handshake and share at an in-person event about its importance.

Here’s the lineup, the list of featured talks here: https://cfp.paralelnipolis.cz/hcpp23/featured/

And here’s my session:

True Ownership Of Your Name – Freedom Of Ownership
Own Your Own Name & You Will Be Happy
Urgency of True Domain Name Ownership

Speaker 45 min

As the world governments continue to “protect us” and its citizens, our lack of ownership of content and identities is more and more clear. What can individuals do to protect themselves from states and centralized internet companies seizing our content and seizing our identities? In this session, Mike will share about how blockchain tech can help us truly own our content and identity – with case studies and examples.

Hope to see you there!

Hackers Congress Paralelní Polis 29/9 – 1/10 2023 Prague | Paralelní Polis

(also posted on my personal blog - https://mikesblog.com/hcpp/

Would love to meet some of the amazing Handshake community in Europe while I’m there - please connect.

Here's the video and images my session


Youtube comments to Note

We have gotten a lot of traction so far on this video.

Here’s a comment that is quite extensive and worth highlighting:

@AcrO0 commented on Oct 5, 2023

I am a supporter of your work and I strongly believe in Handshake as well. I think your presentation was great as a whole and hit so many of the key points that newer people need to know - however I can't share this with some friends because of one part that I have to give you feedback to please consider how you can better deliver on the topic of the following:

29:34 "If you don't want to see people talk about vaccines or child porn... I don't want to allow people to do horrible things but I believe they can just be pushed into a corner of the web where maybe that can work, but maybe not on mainstream platforms. I know some of you don't agree with that. I've had arguments with people that think they should be bannished from everywhere. But like I said maybe there's... I could see a gay social network where gay people are talking there. I am not gay and I don't have anything against gay people. I'm not like a gay basher but if they want to talk about gay stuff go onto the gay social network. I don't think that's a problem or whatever. That's what I believe the internet is meant for."

I am not sure what you were trying to say here. To me, this came off like you were lumping in vaccines, child porn and gay people together and how they can be pushed into corner of the web where maybe that can work. I do believe you were well intentioned and that you didn't mean to offend gay people - however talking about a section of the internet for gay people right after you listed off child porn and pushing horrible things to a corner of the web does not go well. Obviously, a network for talking about vaccines or gay stuff should not be listed off in the same vein as child porn. I think that Handshake needs to distinguish between a place for freedom of speech versus horrible things that do not deserve any place on the web i.e. violence, torture, child porn etc. Please consider how you can deliver the right message on this topic, otherwise I can see some serious roadblocks for Handshake as adoptions grows.

Mike reply:

Thank you for this thoughtful comment, much appreciated.

In that section of the session I was not using a script or anything so it kind of came from the gut. Whether I say “gay people, etc” - it is the same as bulletin boards on web 1.0 - you could make a dial up bulletin board like my friend and his dad did, and talk about anything. There was ones about polish communities, I recall, and there was directories of bulletin boards for all kinds of things - and let me tell you - many were very not appropriate and for sure web2.0 is banning. But that is what people wanted.

I see humans as tribal people, not everyone conforming to 1 set of thoughts of believes. And I see web2 as forcing everyone to think and believe the same. I see web3 - not only handshake, but web3, as the return of web1 - where people can be their own tribe and talk about what they want. And if that is gay forums (which was a ton on the web1 bulletin boards), or whichever - then let it be. And then the police /governments if they want to stop it can go to those micro communities.

I’m not trying to be politically correct because I hate trying to think of what politically correct is.

If YouTube wants to ban this video, then so be it. I dont want to have to think about what I can or cannot say to not offend someone. If what I said offends gay people, or whomever - I am sorry for that.