Using HandyBrowser to Access the Decentralized Web

Handshake domains still are not mainstream (yet!) and it would be amazing if this video is no longer valid by the time you find it - but for now - you need special plugins, or options, for accessing Handshake names.

This video is for you:

One of those today we will talk about - Handy Browser.

Made by the team that brought you Handy Miner (if you didn’t check out our mining video with a demo of this - check out skyinclude dot com slash mining), this Handybrowser software is to help you connect to the HNS blockchain to resolve your Handshake domain.

Lets Dive In!

  • First, you will need to have Docker app installed to have Handy Browser work

    Again, we’re not the most techie here at Skyinclude, but this is a software to help you access large systems on the internet (dock) and Handy Browser uses this to access the Main Net of HSD / HNS. Let’s keep it simple and we may not be saying its totally correct - so just know you need Docker installed.

  • Next, install Handy Browser. and it is currently supported for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Now, once both Docker and Handy Browser are installed, time to get it going.

  • Open Docker first.

    ** Pro Power tip, save hard drive space ** we are using a Mac for this, with limited space - so you need to go to settings Then go to resources - and there is “Disk Image Size” - drop this down - the total size you will need is about 16 GB on your hard drive - but in our experience the setting was 20 or 32 gb (can’t recall the default)

  • Once Docker is installed, you now can access the Handybrowser.

    The first time will download the blockchain of Handshake (HNSD) so it took us a few hours. Once it is installed and ready - you now can browse the Handshake internet and be truly decentralized and connected to the blockchain.

This is a beginner / overview video to help more people understand. But this is a much more “direct” way to be connected to the Handshake DNS settings while surfing the internet.