Recap From HandyCon 2023

Resting and recovering from an intense 3 day online conference with 20 hours of content being edited and soon to be posted.

This truly is what Handshake is meant to be to me. It makes me think back to when I was building Startup Weekends all over China. The grassroots feel, the organic beauty of uncovering talent and showcasing it.

HandyCon 2023 - I have to admit I was super nervous this year. It is a bear market, a lot of changes in the various contributors, and just overall doing an online conference when covid is over and people are out and about now traveling and preferring in person events.

BUT WOW - the community stepped up and showcased what an amazing group of talent we have in the Handshake protocol.

I’ll take this time to recap some highlights while it is fresh in my head.

Handshake Is Truly Global, China, India, All Americas, Europe, SE Asia

Anyone who attended more than a few sessions would see clearly - people are building on Handshake all around the world.

Sajan in India is making things happen now with universities there and in Napal.

Arrene is in Vietnam working on localizing the content and building up a local community.

Multiple mining companies now in China (Goldshell and BITMAIN) showcasing their products and doing giveaways.

New wallets and new apps being made all over. FXwallet was insightful with Lily - and so happy she had video on and was comfortable to share.

So many attendees and speakers all across Europe (and staying up til 6am for the live event in their local time).

More women speaking and sharing was also refreshing.

We need diversity to be a true and open internet.

Namebase Spent the Last 1 Year Totally Restructuring and Rebuilding, and is going to start shipping

Thank you Aaron, CTO at Namebase. First of course for stepping up and being HandyCon 2023’s main sponsor. But also for all the hassle and headaches it must have been in the 1 year of restructuring the team and code at Namebase.

He left ENS and his project to work on Handshake!!!

Namecheap investment and Aaron’s tech experience have hired so many great developers from the Handshake ecosystem, reviewed all the code. A complete team overall (seems so from the outside too).

BUT NOW the hard lifting (without anything to show publicly) has been complete. Namebase pushed a big update for the marketplace the week of HandyCon

And is doing a security audit (THANK YOU) of their smart contracts for their DSLD solution which is close to releasing and going into a beta.

Namebase is Tech Focused Now - Others In Community Need To Step Up For Marketing

Some of the questions during the Namebase session was “#wenmarketing” and Aaron said they will not be investing as much in marketing as the old team (pre Namecheap), they said they will be focused on development.

Which if I had to choose - I would agree with.

Let the community at large step up for marketing, which seems it is.

Inspired HNS community creating Marketing initiatives

Seeing panelists and speakers, as well as the community at large stepping up to help with marketing was a critical success factor we were monitoring.

Many are inspired, and believe in HNS - yet had the mindset of “when will the founders, when will Namebase, when will someone else do something”.

In Handshake - there is no one to blame but yourself. You can make the change, you can build on Handshake and create the business solution you need.

It is a permissionless protocol - and seeing groups forming to do marketing got me excited. Some a bit aggressive and spicy - many said like early Bitcoin days.

To see the grassroots community step up and organize is a beautiful thing. Again, like the Startup Weekend days in China.

So so much BUILDING, truly overwhelming

There is no CENTRALIZED team / CEO to ask when will a website be updated.

Here, people are really making businesses and projects - all around the globe.

You can tune in to any of the 3 days of sessions to see that for yourself.

Founder Talk Was Pure Gold

Andrew Lee is so inspiring - and he even said they had a naming collision in the founding team (2 Andrew Lees, lol).

Each of those questions will be turned into clips - as each one was pure gold.

Clay at .c will Hire Full Time and Invest in Integrations

Clay’s session in the panel of SLD sales was inspiring. He showed his screen of sales, and said he has been “socking away” the funds to hire a full time manager of the business. It is really generating consistent cashflow.

In addition to hiring someone he will also have the company of .c and his other TLDs be investing in initiatives for integrations.


A Handshake Community Member / Director Working on Getting Listed on Exchanges

Many complain about not being listed on exchanges - Daniel Harrison has stepped up from the community to help.

He shared his plan and also many in the audience have already stepped up.

He was even invited on a Youtube channel to share - which happened right after the HandyCon closing session

Let’s Keep This Momentum, We Are All Directors Of Handshake

Like each HandyCon, people are super excited.

This year we hope to push even more. We kicked off SkyInclude community discord and will be doing more marketing campaigns for Handshake in a professional and full time manner.

We are bootstrapping this and believe it will really take off once we get the flow going. More time and energy will be dedicated.

[📹 & 🧵] Recap of #handycon2023 #handshake $hns conference that just transpired last few days.

Recap From HandyCon 2023 - Mike Tweet