Handshake Hard Fork? Proposal + Discussion (Your Input Welcome)

We are mid mid 2023, getting close to 3.5 years since Handshake Main net. Hard to believe this Skyinclude youtube and blog started almost 3 years ago now.

Time goes by, and all we are is change.

There is some discussions happening now in various pockets of the community about this notion of a hard fork.

We bring on Daniel Harrison, who has been helping HNS to discuss with more listings and exchanges, that is putting together a proposal.

Why Hard Fork?

There are a few things to propose this:

  • Extend name claims of certain reserved names and TLDs. Those are set to expire at the 4 year mark (early 2024) and we seem to have consensus we don’t want .google and other top TLDs of major internet companies being released for public auction.
  • Releasing the HNS locked up in the GitHub developers airdrop to a foundation - this foundation would be there to give grants to developers and community members building products on the HNS protocol.

There are other points as well - but these are the 2 core changes in the protocol that would require a hard fork.

Your Voice Matters: We Want Your Feedback

We value your thoughts, ideas, and concerns about the proposed hard fork. We encourage you to join the conversation by visiting our dedicated feedback channel on hns.chat. Simply follow this link:


It's a space designed specifically for discussing the hard fork proposal, sharing your feedback, and engaging in meaningful discussions with other community members.

Reasons Mike Is Supporting This Proposal

The reasons I am supporting this proposal (in 2021 I didn't)

  • We are in a bear market - imagine the boost we can get vs the other guys who are running out of money
  • Daniel is not self-electing himself, others would be on the spots
  • Bitcoin had a foundation in the early days
  • We can make this a temporary foundation that dissolves
  • Most of the active people in the community I have heard from (again we are just getting the word out now) are for this
  • I think GitHub devs had enough time