HNS Id Decentralized domains by Namebase Launched

The Handshake community continues to build - even in this bear market. It is a beautiful sight - and Skyinclude here is proud to say - Namebase’s HNS ID decentralized domain solution is now live.

Public sales of domain names will start on Friday Sept 1, 2023 at 9am Pacific Standard Time

🚨 http://HNS.ID is LIVE and domain registrations open THIS FRIDAY 9AM PST.

We are thrilled to finally share our platform for decentralized domains built on the bedrock of
TLDs. This protocol will unlock new use cases for websites, wallets, and web3 identity. 1/2


Domains on Ethereum’s L2 (Layer 2) protocol called Optimism

These domains will be issued and sold on, a layer 2 blockchain under the Ethereum ecosystem. That means you will use Ethereum and Metamask (or EVM compatible wallet).

Means gas cost will be pennies, and these SLDs (second level domains, or “normal domains”) are on a blockchain so that you can list on Opensea and others.

Excited to see this come to fruition as we have all been so excited since HandyCon 2023.

Demo - Registering Mike.hns + Skyinclude.hns

Its a rainy Saturday here, great time to do some demo videos registering

Note - you need to bridge Eth from Ethereum Layer 1 to Optimism L2

There are a lot of ways you can do this, the way we will do this is Optimism’s own bridge


We have ETH already in our main account (l1) and then move it over.
You can also simply buy it on an exchange such as Coinbase and then send directly to the Optimism network there.

Fees are super low

The massive benefit is the low fees. This will make registering, and buying/selling very easy and cheap.

Can List on Opensea, other Ethereum marketplaces

Now, because this is on Ethereum L2 optimism, the domains you buy/ register will be tradable as any NFT on the Ethereum network.  So many of you love to use opensea, you’ll be able to do that now here.