About The HNS Fund (And How To Donate)

What has always amazed (and attracted) me to the Handshake project was the community.

And one part of that is the HNS Fund, headed up by Kiba Gateaux. I first saw him on the Handshake feature on Product Hunt Oct 31, 2020 https://www.producthunt.com/posts/handshake-hns where he commented on how he is using a Korean TLD for one of his websites. I asked him a question on LinkedIn and he was super helpful.

Joining the Handshake community in November (which any of us can do by buying HNS coin or receiving / using a HNS Handshake name) – Kiba was talking about this HNS Fund and how it would help the developer ecosystem.

Because without a developer ecosystem, the project is a failure!

Speculators and traders are fine and dandy, but if a project doesn’t have people building and using the actual utility of it, then it is a pyramid.

Luckily, Kiba and others in the Handshake ecosystem have steadily persisted, and HNS Fund has been launching various grant programs and fundraising activities. Disclosure, SkyInclude/ has been one of those to receive a grant and it is much appreciated and refreshing to be supported for what we already enjoy doing.

So back to HNS Fund?

HNS (Handshake) Fund is a way to raise money from donations and other social campaigns to fund development and awareness of the project.

Check out the HNS Fund website here for full details

Ready to Donate?

Your contributions will help grow the development ecosystem of the entire Handshake ecosystem – and ultimately – the value of your HNS domains and investments.

Videos for donating to HNS Fund (part 1 by Kiba)

donating with PAN tokens to get donation matching (part 2 by Kiba)

overview – https://hnsfund.titansofdata.org/donating-to-hns-fund


PAN uniswap: