HNS Rings – Overview + Steps

1) WHY Do an HNS Ring?

If you are a supporter of HNS and are looking for ways to help grow the community and the reach - assisting in these rings is meant for you!

While there are many other blockchain domain projects popping up everywhere - we believe Handshake has the most organic and diehard community of them all.

Building up this network of ring meetups around the world is a way to prove that to the world.

And it takes NO VC money. It is grassroots and organic.

2) If I Organize - Can You Help Me Get Sponsors? Earn Money?

Some Ring organizers are asking if they can get sponsors for their local city meetups, or if we can help them do that.


But we recommend just DOING it first. Sponsors will come once we show them the photos, the videos, the social media engagement of your HNS Ring in your city. Our headquarters team will promote your city on our channels and website to assist as much as possible.

We envision sponsors coming wanting to support these local grassroots events, and from what I have learned at Startup Weekend, we will follow what I learned there - local community chests.

What is a local community chest?

Once sponsors and other revenue comes to a local city, that will go into the community chest for that ring. It will be documented and tracked and shared with the headquarters to help both the local community as well as the global headquarters to share. Startup Weekend did a 50/50 split (from my memory) when I was a China facilitator.

3) What Do I Need To Do To Start Organizing a Ring in My City?

We want this to be as easy and frictionless as possible. Pick a bar or restaurant and send them something like this:

“Hi, I’m helping a global non-profit organization - Handshake, organize local meetups in my city. I’m looking for a venue to invite a group of (((how many people you think would come, maybe say 5 - 10)))) to start to open a chapter in our city.

Would you be open to have us meet at your venue? We will help promote your venue on our posters and the global website, and encourage all those attending to buy your drink or food specials. Let me know if you are interested in being our venue partner for Handshake Rings in your city.”

If you need help - our Headquarters team can also setup a call with you and the venue.

4) Start Promoting ! We will help, and #hnsfam will help

Once you have a venue, then it is time to share the word. The event is free and open, we will help you make posters for your local chapter, as well as add your city to our global poster and website.

Keep it simple, it is simply a networking and sharing session - can add speakers or other items to the agenda in future ring meetups.

5) Day of Ring Meetup - Have Camera / Video / Posters Ready

We can provide you a high quality AI file for the Handshake Rings X banner to print (headquarters is OK to reimburse the fees).

We may get people in the global community who want to send swag to you to give away to your attendees.

Bring your camera phone - even better a DSLR camera and video.

If you can pull it off, we hope to have our online airmeet streaming on for you and your attendees to join in and network with people online, live.

Try to get people to register their name and email.

Make a telegram group or other social media group in your city and add those attendees to it.

Have people share their name and what they do.

Explain why you are organizing this Handshake Ring meetup, and what you are excited about.

We may have a theme to discuss all around the world for these HNS rings, so you may be able to present that and collect feedback and ideas.

Share about the swag, the giveaways.

Promote any local sponsors.

Giveaway some gifts, or ask SkyInclude team to help with some fun prizes if needed.

6) After Event - Share Some Things You Learned, Photos, Videos

We support you at headquarters. Let us know how you think and what you want to do for the future rings. Get co-organizers.

Hopefully we can start to get some local sponsors for your city involved.

Most importantly - CONTENT. Let our headquarters team of specialists in content marketing help take your photos, videos, text, and make some engaging and amazing content to place on social media and websites.

7) Start Planning the Next Month’s City Ring Meetup

And then we repeat this. Improve it. Modify it a bit based on your local city communities requirements.

Some ways to grow it - adding some pitch / demo sessions.
Partnering with other projects and doing more collaboration events.
Building up a bigger event with multiple day of speakers and sessions.

Interested to learn more and see all that is out there - check the directory site building out

As this builds out - in public view - you can see the chapters forming at

Let’s build up this beautiful, grassroots movement to make an open and free internet.