Do you need help hosting your website on Handshake?

Don’t want to bother with the technical parts of setting up on various systems and services?

SkyInclude can help!

We are currently building out a Handshake hosting service and would love to work with you.

How Does it Work?

We can help host your website on our Amazon AWS S3 for you and help point it to your Handshake domain.

We will setup a staging server for you where you can add your content and then once you are ready to deploy to Handshake, send a request and we’ll deploy.

This is a work in progress and we are open to discussing the right ways to do this for all.

 We will find a win-win way to do this. Our goal is to help more people use their Handshake domains and build on the new internet.

Contact Us and Be Part of the New Internet

Guides on Hosting Handshake Sites