ICANN Made a report about Alternate DNS (and talks a LOT about Handshake)

Well - here we are - 2 years into Handshake and while there have been hints of ICANN addressing / acknowledging Handshake, on April 27, 2022 they tweeted out a PDF report addressing alternate DNS zones,

You can get it and read it yourself here:


And the tweet

ICANN's Office of the CTO published a research paper that analyzes the challenges that alternative name systems pose to the Domain Name System (DNS).

ICANN tweet

While many are reviewing this report - some amazing things is - they saw the Beacon browser (wow, already it just came out a week ago)

ICANN tweet mike

The community is digging deep, with tweets and analysis coming from all over:

Matt Zipkin:

icann matt tweet

Also saying in the main Telegram group:

telegram discussion

whoa shttt they mention Beacon browser specifically! @buffrr @ca98am79

"Name Collisions Between Multiple Blockchains" I love this, there’s real research here

Johnny Wu has some nice insights:

ICANN tweet

My favorite part is Section 3.2, Various Bridging Techniques, which talks about the many ways of resolving alternative naming systems like $HNS.

Handshake is mentioned in literally EVERY subsection!

Goes to show where our community's priorities have been: building.

Miguel at Pencil.domains did good digging:

icann miguel tweet

Here’s my take:

Handshake is being NOTICED! That is a huge step. And reading the report and comparing to other “alternative DNS” options - I would say HNS is the most talked about.

We are builders. We are decentralized. We are MAKING CONTENT on the websites. So to me, the report shows that Handshake is the most viable alternative DNS in the space now

Beacon is a game changer. I am using it exclusively now to access our Handshake sites and will be pushing more unique content on Handshake only sites now - and re-igniting my interest to use the Handshake Mercenary forum.

I am re-inspired for the Handshake world. This is reminding me why it is the best choice forward for the decentralized naming space.

Read the 15 Page PDF yourself & Make Your Own Judgment

Now, don’t listen to some random anon accounts on Twitter telling you what the better naming solution is.
Spend 15 minutes to read about 9 main pages of this 15 page doc - and educate yourself!

I for one, is even more excited about Handshake. This report shows basically there are a few - Namecoin, Unstoppable, ENS (.eth), and Handshake. I know all of these well and you can review my SkyInclude youtube and blog and make your own judgements.