First Handshake Incubator - dWeb Foundation’s ProjectdWeb

Excited for today’s video - happy to say I’ll be one of the facilitators of the first Handshake Incubator

Backed by dWeb Foundation, the incubator code name is “#projectdWeb” and main purpose is to foster more “TLC” (tender love and care) for the budding entrepreneurs in the decentralized web (dWeb) that are also incorporating/ using HNS in their stack.

Here’s the first tweet to introduce it


So how does it work?

Check the official webpage for the latest terms and conditions.

But here goes “Mike’s simplified way”.

Application deadline June 11, 2021 - so get it in!

Then It is going in 2 phases

Phase 1: 15 teams, kicking off July 1, 2021
Stage 1 is more “education” mode. Jehan and the dWeb foundation want to help as many as possible that are developers and building stuff - but need help with the business model, pitch, branding, and growth hacking.

So stage 1 is July 1 to Aug 1 (approx) where we have mentor sessions and project checkins (sprints) to keep the teams on point and moving forward.

The goal is to educate these teams on marketing and branding (which we feel some of these talented developers in the community really need), also to connect them with mentors, investors, and connectors in the space -while also giving them the “healthy peer pressure” to have weekly sprints and updates on their project so they are moving the ball forward.

All of this is leading up to the demo day, at the end of phase 1.

Demo day - is where we will take the top 4 teams to showcase as well as highlight the developments in the program to the general public.

To get them exposure to the public - but more importantly - investors. So they can get more signups and marketing and PR - while also getting that much needed boost of capital to scale their business up.

Phase 2 is where the select 4 teams of the 15 go through a more intensive branding and marketing program to really help them differentiate and scale up. This is also where more equity and money will exchange hands.

How to Get involved? Apply Today!

So this program has been months in the making - since HandyCon !
And we are excited to say - applications are now open on the official website.

We will be reviewing applications and selecting up to the 15 teams to go through the program starting July 1, 2021

We will be monitoring the applications closely and getting back to you as soon as we can.

If you don’t make the cut, don’t be discouraged. Keep building ,and we hope to run this incubator program at least 2 times a year.

Thank you dWeb Foundation for supporting this initiative and also supporting us here at SkyInclude to help facilitate and make this happen.

The Handshake and dWeb community is really amazing, and we are sure this program will help boost up many of the budding entrepreneurs we see developing.

Again - here’s the official website link and application - deadline to apply for the first cohort is June 11, 2021!

Incubator Official Website