Launch of .LGIT Handshake Domain Extension

Today on the SkyInclude show we have a really unique show, Kirk and the startup team from .lgit come on the show to share their story of finding out about Handshake and launching their domain registrar for .lgit

A highlight worth mentioning is the founders are branding and marketing experts - which is great as it is needed in the Handshake ecosystem - but also notable because they don’t have a technical co-founder and are able to operate in this new web3 space.

Team Bios

Devon Davis
In addition to building successful independent investment and consultant firms, Devon Davis has provided music services for Interscope Records, Warner Brothers, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Jenny Craig, Frito Lay, and Levis.

Jason Fryer
A graduate of The Art Center College of Design, Jason has brought his award-winning design and branding to many global companies including: Apple, Gatorade, Pepsi, FIJI Water, Nissan, Infiniti, Visa, Pedigree, and POM Wonderful.

Kirk Saylin
Kirk Saylin is an award winning advertising photographer, inventor, entrepreneur, professor, creative problem solver, and marketing professional. He is known for his ability to see things differently and combine existing technologies to create something new. As co-founder of LGIT he is now focused on the infinite potential of Top Level Domains and the Handshake protocol. His past clients include Nissan, Infiniti, Cleveland Golf, Michael Stars, Brighton, Samsung, Yahoo Music, Mitsubishi, Tough Built, and more.

Enjoy the show!

Links mentioned:

LGIT’s web2 domain: or https://lgit/ or https://get.lgit/
Sajan tweeted about Handshake domains being phone numbers

How many of you have heard of an App called Siter. Used to be around in 2010. Did not take off obviously. But an idea like that can now take off thanks to #Handshake.

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