Marketplace + Places to Find Handshake Domains (+ Hidden Tool)

Even though Handshake domains are super new, and a 2020 debut, more and more marketplaces are evolving.

Let’s round up a few of the ones we have found, and match it up with some tools to dig and sift through them to find hidden gems that will make you some money on the flip.

Namebase Marketplace:

The company Namebase is almost synonymous with Handshake itself. They pioneered an easy to use platform to bid on domains, and also buy/ sell them on their marketplace. They take a 3% fee from the sale price and deduct that from the seller’s proceeds. Currently, the search is only an exact search, and you can filter and sort by price, we will share some other sources outside of Namebase to find domains on the Namebase marketplace in a more strategic way, stay tuned!

Power tip

Use the “block feature” (hover on the right side of each marketplace item) to stop seeing those XXX and spammy ones that keep getting re-listed. It is also a way to see the real “fresh” listings instead of repeats being re-posted.

Find them at

Up Next:

Sinpapeles Parking - http://parking.sinpapeles/ Is another source to find domains. You need an HNS resolver to view the domains, and the settlement process you can ask the founder, Fernando, to be an escrow. Check the “swap” button on the parking site linked above. Also there is a service called “Pinkie Swear” for exchanging domains through Bob Wallet  done by Matthew Zipkin.

Now - I know it is hard to remember “Sinpapeles” - it means “Without Papers In Spanish, and we’ll make a guide soon. But he has and we just helped him get sinapples as that is what we call it all the time.

http://domains.durendil/ (or on DNS)- he uses Namebase for settlement but has them listed out here.

There are a few others, here’s a quick list, http://domains.tasuki/ please email connect @ with yours if I am missing and I will add it

Places to Search and Find - we have a dedicated video where we should the process we use to find hidden Handshake domain gems. Check out our guide and video on

Now for a new one….to wrap up today.

DomainFindr - This is one we dug out of the Namebase Discord community archives -, the cool thing here is “soft search” ability as you can put in a keyword you want and it will filter it out (instead of scrolling through tons of pages in the Namebase marketplace)

Again, if we are missing any here - please reach out and let us know!