Meeting of the Minds (Clubhouse calls, Air Meetings, & More)

Epic Round Table Discussions on HNS and dWeb

The FOMO is Real!

Clubhouse truly is taking over, the FOMO is real! Mark Smith, from Namesake.domains and many others went out and bought an iPhone for it. I fight my daughter for the family iPad for it.

Yet it definitely seems worth it.

On Jan 30-31, 2021 Mark Smith initiated an amazing “meeting of the minds” on Clubhouse in the Domain investment space and the Handshake / dWeb space and it turned into an epic 5 hour+ deep discussion. We made a recap post on this in the Handshake.mercenary forum:

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Introducing - Handshake.mastermind


The idea popped in - this is more than a Clubhouse call - this is a MASTERMIND. And the SkyInclude team does have that mastermind/ TLD - so let’s get it to good use:

Handshake.mastermind is live!

Just a simple landing page now with an email signup. Signup and get email alerts on future Clubhouse calls and other “mastermind” sessions on the topic of Handshake and HNS.

We will also do our best to record these sessions and make them readily available for those who missed it.

The main goal is to bring people together to learn, but also to organize the community. As a decentralized community, organizing and coordinating and community is of the utmost importance.

So join us in this journey, open your mind, open your ears, and open your mouth!

Let’s make this happen.

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